Volumn vs Weight for storage considerations

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I'm getting ready to buy my wheat and thought of the following:

If I'm using the standard 5 gallon bucket - how many pounds of wheat will it hold ? Would really be helpful to know this to know how many buckets I'll need.

Email replys directly or to the list.

Thanks !

j in Jax

-- j (hemwat@bellsouth.net), October 04, 1998


45 pounds


-- rocky (rknolls@hotmail.com), October 04, 1998.

Hi, Jin...I grew up on my grandparent's wheat farm in Oklahoma. Spent hours and hours plowing, planting, combining wheat and driving the trucks to the grain elevator. Had to scoop many bushels of wheat at times when the harvest was so good that wheat had to be piled on the ground because the elevator was full, and more train cars were needed to haul it away. This is probably more info than you needed or wanted , but just so you'll know, a standard bushel of #1 hard red winter wheat weighs...=60= pounds. (And I can still remember EVERY bushel I had to scoop!) OW! my aching back.............

\/\/illis in stormy OKC, OK @ 11:47pm cdt 10/04/98

-- Willis Thomason (BANDIT1@ontheroad.com), October 04, 1998.

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