Exporting TIFF without using Postershop Client

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I have a Postershop 4 Server setup and for all the jobs we output on our PiezoPrint5000, we export a TIFF image to include into our digital archives as reference for future print jobs.

This was fine when we use PosterShop Client, but we recently purchased some Macintosh systems and setup Postershop Server in a true client/server setup and found that printing the job then going back into Client on the server side, previewing the job and the exporting the job to be a very tedious process.

Is there anyway to have server create TIFF images of jobs? Or is there any documentation for the PSRIP that provides detail on how to create TIFF images without using the Export to TIFF in client?

Thanks for any information

Joe toon@econo.net

-- Anonymous, October 04, 1998

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