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I once saw a picture in a biography of Vian with the caption which read something like "Boris Vian in a scene for Canadian television". Would anyone know exactly what was the program and for what television company (although I assume it was for the Francophone Radio-Canada) it was done?


J.F. Lozier

-- J.F. Lozier (, October 10, 1998


I will keep this in mind when I read Keith Scott's new book on Vian. Can you remember which biography it was? In English or in French?


-- Robert Whyte (, October 17, 1998.

I have tracked down that book, it is: Boris Vian par Jean Clouzet, Poetes d'aujourd'hui, Seghers, 1966 1971 The photo is on page 96-97 and has the caption "pendant un tournage pour la Tilivision candienne avec H. Knapp".

There is a picture of the boook here:

I wonder who H. Knapp is?

The only other biography I know of is by David Noakes, who was an American leturing in English at the Sorbonne. It is written in French and published by Editions Universitaires.


-- Robert Whyte (, October 20, 1998.

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