I'm seeking stories/info on the secret sidewalk of Niles Canyon.

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Hi there. I am doing research on unusual No. Cal. places, particularly the infamous secret sidewalk of niles canyon. I've been looking for any "official " info, and found none, but I'd be interested in just hearing stories about this unusual place, or anything else about niles canyon. the information collected will be used to write an article for a cal. history magazine.



-- Miguel Murrieta (nickelpress@mindspring.com), October 12, 1998


never heard of it because i live in so cal but so cal is not where my mind lives. tell me all you know so i can dream myself to this new place....

-- Rachel Schuler (rachels@uptsd.com), March 30, 1999.

I live near Niles, and could not even begin to remeber all the stories. It's an absolutley gorgeous canyon, a truly beautiful pices of nature in the middle of the east bay. Niles station is on one end of the canyon and if you called information, I believe there is some kind of museum or sometihng that has all the history of teh area. Charlie Chaplin's movie studio is still up somewhere in the canyon (I've never been myself) and once a year they have a Charlie Chaplin day. The most familiar story about Niles Canyon, is about a woman who was murdered there (which is how most Niles Canyon stories begin...) and now walks the side of the road trying to hitch a ride with men driving alone. I believe there have been a few accidents involved with men claiming to have picked her up, or just had seen her on the road. Some people studying film at, I believe, Ohlone College (which is right near there) did a movie about this particular ghost for a class. A friend of mine actually played her in the movie, so I could get more info. if needed. Also, try calling Ohlone College, and I'm sure they could give a lot of stuff, not just the ghost stories (there are TONS) but the official history as well. The area code is 925. Hope this helps. Niles Canyon is one of the great secrets of the bay area, it's mostly just locals who know about it. It is so magical, and the one thing about that always sticks out in my mind is that at night, it is the darkest place on earth. Anyone local knows what I mean. Good luck, and let me know where I can find you

-- Meg (meghanharvey@earthlink.net), May 19, 2000.

I myself have walked the secret sidewalk many times. My dad also did when he was a teen. You have to climb up a hill and past some railroad tracks to get to it. Many kids are known to hang out there. There is a lot of taggings(garfiti) along the walk....when you get so far there is a point where the sidewalk is crushed to peices. I love the scenery there. I haven't yet found the whole sidewalk yet, I do plan to walk the whole thing some day soon....not at night though. Many bums live out there in their homes made of tarp and items they find. I onced talked to a lady that lived there and she said it is very scary at night time and I believe that... well hope I was of some help.

-- Christy lopez (chickabee684@aol.com), January 08, 2001.

The funniest thing to me about the secret sidewalk is the fact that I can't find any info. on the place at all. I've checked maps, looked on-line and asked a lot of people. No one has heard of the place. Except someone told me that they saw it on an episode of "Bay Area Backroads" once. I have heard that just over the hill from the sidewalk there are occasional KLAN meetings held. I went up there at night with a few friends and we had someone watching us the whole time. It was odd that we all heard the train coming (so we stopped to watch it go by) but the train never appeared. it's also odd to find out at the end of the sidewalk that the dang thing is hollow. Kind of makes you wonder what was under you the whole time you were walking. If anyone has any inf on the sidewalk or knows which magazine that article will be printed in please E-mail me at: joshw94086@yahoo.com I have been looking for info. and coming up empty-handed for a long time so any info would be very much appreciated

-- Josh Weller (joshw94086@yahoo.com), February 19, 2001.

I was born and raised in Fremont (Niles) California. I Still live here. I have climbed up to the sidewalk many times. To get there you take Old Canyon Road, to the right of the river, down to the dead end, where there is a gate marked San Francisco Water Dept - No Trespassing. Follow the gravel road for about 1/4 mile, then climb up the embankment to the right, over the train tracks, and up to a little hill with a trestle. There is a rope swing hanging from it. Climb up the left side of the trestle, and you will find the sidewalk. It is concrete, about 3-4 feet wide, and is hollow with rebar running through it. It has a galvanized pipe inside to carry water. The sidewalk is owned by the SF Water Dept, and I believe was used to carry water at one time. Once on top, it hugs the mountainside, you will walk for over a mile on top of it. It is very dangerous. Eventually the sidewalk curves to the left and reaches a cattle gate. You have to hold on to the gate and swing your body to the other side. Then as the sidewalk reaches a hill, it abruptly ends. There is a large meadow there, and I have attended more then one kegger party out there as a teen. The real mystery is how they manage to get a keg out there. If you jump off the sidewalk at the end and walk to the other side of the hill, it starts again, and winds through the canyon, however the brush is so thick it's very dangerous from that point on. The area is also known for having pot fields, so caution is needed lest a grower think you are out there to rip them off. I too have been out there and felt an uncomfortable feeling of someone, or something, watching me. It is pitch black at night. The only light at all comes from an old abandoned brick factory that's about a 1/2 mile away. I have not made the trip for about 10 years, but have recently thought about hiking out there with my son, which is why I searched the net for any information.

Hope my info was of some help!!!

-- Michelle E. (Racrgirl@aol.com), June 13, 2001.

Ever since I can remeber I've heard stories about the "secret sidewalk". I grew up in a small town next to Fremont called Newark and the stories fascinated me as a child. Combined with stories about the "White Witch" as well as Niles' genuine early film history, the sidewalk evoked great mystery.

I've walked along the sidewalk myself but the best story I know of was told to me by my sister. She and a group of high-school friends decided to go there one night to party and scare one-another. I don't know if they'd actually heard this story or if they were making it up to scare the more impressionable teenagers in the group but apparently somewhere along the sidewalk there lived a troll who would come out if you tresspassed into his "territory" and kill you. They walked as far as they could. One of the guys in the group had brought along a knife(just in case). When they'd gotten to the end of the sidewalk he had it out ready to take on the troll. The guy stumbled and dropped the knife. It fell into a portion of the walk which had crumbled away revealing that the sidewalk was actually an old aqueduct. Everyone watched as the knife disappeared into the darkness. They waited . . . Suddenly a hand appeared up out of the darkness . . . holding the knife! Following the hand came an decrepid looking figure. "Kids shouldn't play with knives!" hissed the ominous figure. A few of the girls screamed and scrambled away. The guys, full of machismo a few moments earlier were slowly but definately starting to back away. "Raaarrrr!", it screamed and lunged toward the group. All the kids screamed and started frantically running in the direction from where they came. At this the figure doubled over and laughed uncontrolably. As the truth of thier situation dawned on the kids they stopped, turned around and got a better look at the previously-menacing character. He was just a little old homeless man who looked like he was about to laugh himself to pieces. Once everyone regained thier composure they got to talking with the old man and shared some of the booze they'd brought with them and they all had a fun night.

-- Ethan Firl (ethan_firl@hotmail.com), September 07, 2001.

I grew up in Union City, and have hung out at the sidewalk while in High School. HS kids have been hanging out there for years. Till this day a few of us walk up there at night.

It used to feed water to the east bay. At the top of Niles canyon is the WATER TEMPLE. It is a temple where 3 streams meet and feed into the canyon it was constructed back in the 20's I believe. You can get to the temple area in Sunol and they will give you all the info you need on the sidewalk. If you take the train ride thru Niles (from Sunol) they will also tell you stories about thew aquaduct (ther sidewalk)

The White Witch story of Niles is fake. It is an urban legend that exists all over the US.

The Troll of niles canyon is real. He is one of the homeless that live in the canyon. His face looks like it was burned by acid.

An old foundry used to sit right next to the sidewalk, but it was destroyed last year to build homes (but the smoke stacks still remain), part of the sidewalk was also taken out. This was cool becuase we were able to get INTO the sidewalk and walk thru it. After about 1/2 mile we got too freaked out and had to get out of there. It has since been sealed shut.

The place to hang out at the sidewalk is above the railroad tunnel. You just have to be really carefull of the homeless camp on the way there. It is on the North side of the tracks. Some of them can get violent if you bother them.

-- Kurt Schneider (kurt_u_leas@hotmail.com), November 27, 2001.

I've been living In Hayward, California for about three years and have heard of the white witch story just last year from my U.S. History teacher. He told the class the story that his friend or his father (I can't remember which) had told him. If you drive by the canyon, there is said to be this tennage female hitchhiker. Some people who pick her up say that she asked them to take her towards San Fransisco to visit a family member or something of that sort. But of course, before you get there she disappears. I think she gives the address of where she is going but I'm not exactly certain.

The weird thing about this is that after my teacher told this and a few other ghost stories, when he started to actually beging the class, he tried to pull down the overhead map and it fell and nearly hit him on the head. The thing is that he was using it earlier when he was telling us about the origin of some other ghost stories. It could have been a coincidence but the whole class was creeped out.

-- Amber Tsao (tommygrrl2002@yahoo.com), December 14, 2001.

Just an added item regarding the "White witch". I beleive the story is fake but legend has it that she appears every year at around midnight on the 11th of February. Good luck!

-- Ethan Firl (ethan_firl@hotmail.com), January 02, 2002.

I was in sixth grade the first time that I heard the story of the White Witch, and it has given me a permanent fear of seeing a woman in a long white formal dress with a very pale, white face and dark circles around her eyes (I know it sounds stupid, but when I'm driving by myself at night on dark old roads I get creeped out!). This is the story of the White Witch according to my teacher:

About fifteen years ago, there was a young married couple driving in the rain down Niles Canyon road when they saw a teenage girl in a long, white formal dress on the side of the road. She had a dozen roses with her and looked like she needed help. The man pulled the car over and asked the girl what was up. "I was on my way to my Winter Formal and got into a car accident." "Do you want me to give you a ride home?" the man asked. "Okay," the girl replied, and gave the man and his wife her address. On the way, the man pulled over at a gas station. When the couple was done pumping the gas and ready to leave, they looked in the back of the car and the girl was gone. However, the dozen red roses were still there. Puzzled and a bit creeped out, the wife looked over at her husband who was in deep thought as he pulled out of the station. "Are you going to the address that she gave?" the wife asked. "Yes," was his reply. When the couple got to the house, they went and knocked on the door. An old woman answered and the man told her what happened. The woman, with a tired look in her eye, responded. "My daughter has been dead for the past ____ years (I can't remember how long it had been). You aren't the first couple that has come to me with this story. She was in a car accident in ____(I can't remember the date- I think in the 1940's or 50's or something). She was on her way to her first formal dance and was involved in a terrible car accident. On this date, if it is raining, people claim to see her on the side of the road."

When my teacher told it to us, she said it was supposed to have taken place in November. Anyway, that's the version that I have heard, and it creeps the heck out of me.

-- Kaylie (kayliems@aol.com), January 13, 2002.

I too have heard the story of the white witch. But a different version. I was told that along time ago on february 26th a lady was on her way to get married. She got in a car accident then died. Her soon to be husband lived and is still alive today. they say she tries to hitch aride on the 26th of february. She stays in the canyon and is still wearing her white wedding dress. She is also white and carries roses

-- annette cappuciuo (starbrite87@excite.com), January 29, 2002.

I remember Niles canyon's "secret sidewalk" quite well. im 36 now, but in my 20's I use to go up there with some union city stoners, and we would party like there is no tomorrow! anyways it is a real cool place and I hope it never gets torn down. now regarding the witch of niles, I was told before that someone seen it on 60 minutes, and that the teen was on her way back home from a wedding and then the horrible accident happened at a white old bridge midway into the canyon.

-- MAD MIKE (daystar55@attbi.com), February 14, 2002.

This subject brings back alot of good memories. I too used to party at the secret sidewalk. I lived in Union City near Decoto Rd. and Perry Rd. and hung around a group of nearly 30+ friends all from my neighborhood. A few we're in a band called Conjuration and just about anyone who has partied at the Secret Sidewalk in the mid to late 80's and early 90's would probably remember Punker Mike. Some of my other friends names were, Kenny Sims, Bob Nielsen, Kenny Butler, Jason & Curtis Genilla, Dan Madeiros, John Pigman, Aaron Carboni and many others. We also met alot of people up there and became good friends with them as well. I remember people as far as Antioch coming there to party because they heard of how spooky, but also how alot of people went there to get away from all the city crap. Kegger party's were our specialty although we weren't the only ones who had made them there. I remember walking from the one end that starts near the backyard of someones house to the other end that ends near the hilly meadow by the Brick Factory. Many years have changed the Secret Sidewalk. I remember going there and seeing spray paint tags dated back in the 50's and 60's. Now alot of that is gone and covered with the tags of a new generation including my own. We also would walk through the train tunnel at night. To a newbie, the headlights of passing cars at the other end of the tunnel would scare them thinking a train was coming. Several times we were in the tunnel when a train had came through. There are 11 to 13 cubby holes that are big enough to shelter 2 people in the event a train does come, but they are quite spread out. Back to the sidewalk. Yes, It is owned by San Francisco Water Works and used to carry water to different feeds in the area. I was also told by a few older people that the Secret Sidewalk was used for movie camera carts when filming the Charley Chaplin movies and a few other movies. You can see parts of the Sidewalk while driving through Niles Canyon especially near a place that no longer exist, but used to be a Bar/Fishing Place called "The Spot". You can see a few pictures of the sidewalk in the mid section of where we used to have our parties http://picture-arc.freeyellow.com/niles.html ... If anyone else has pictures of the sidewalk in the area of the bridge near the houses to the area of the train tunnel, I would be most happy if you could redirect me too them or e-mail them too me. Hey, Even if you know me or anyone I mentioned above, let me know. Thanx!

-- John Johnson (cobra@budweiser.com), February 15, 2002.

me and some of my friends went looking for the secret sidewalk when we got out of the car to start walking we saw a black figure in a cape we so scared we turned an ran as fast as we could. then we drove down the road aways got out and went down to the creek, we heard the weirdest noise "bluuiiww" we had no idea what made the sound we thought it might be the goatman but we dont know the legend behind it so if you hear anything about it please e-mail me

-- michael o. (hockeyguy138@yahoo.com), March 05, 2002.

My friends and I frequently cycle in Palomares Cayon and the other day one of them told me of the White Witch tale. You get that eerie feeling after you hear a story like that... He also stated that they run an article about every ten years or so about it in the local paper. Soooo... guess what happened next... The very next Sunday an article was run on the White Witch! Talking about making the hair on your neck stand straight! Holy Crap! The article was writen after two "investigative" reporters searched the Canyon for two hours on the night of Feb 26th, 2002, looking for her. So by the dates you can see that there was no leak to the press by my friend as a joke...Purely coincidental? Maybe, maybe not....????? OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH!


-- B. C. (pipercub@hotmail.com), March 06, 2002.

Wow, talk about memories. I remember walking on that Sidewalk in the early 70s when I used to stay with an aunt who lived in Shelling's park, which is next to the Sherman Clay factory. The park had a mixture of old houses and shacks and spots for camping. There was a bar there too. I remember you could walk over the tracks, over a small flat area and up the hill to the Secret Sidewalk. I remember walking to the end near the meadow.

-- Kim R (kimmikat@fastmail.ca), April 09, 2002.

I was born and raised in Hayward, both my parents were raised in Fremont. My mom told me that she saw the witch of niles but the thing is she saw her in black with no feet ?!?!

-- Michelle Fernandez (michizzz@aol.com), April 26, 2002.

I've heard about the secret sidewalk for years, but have never walked it. Does it have anything to do with the SECRET TUNNELS that run under the various stores in Niles? The Florence (cook biker bar)has a piece of plexiglass over a part of the tunnel, and they have PART of a newspaper clipping about it (in a frame on a shelf). Is there a map? A "correct" story as to how they got there and why?

-- Erin Fritz (berineth@earthlink.net), May 17, 2002.

Well I live in Niles now, parents have lived here for a while.. and I have to say there's one spot in the canyon where the hair on the back of my neck stands on end. Everyone thinks I'm a freak, but whatever. It's always that stretch of road where if you're heading to Fremont there are some tall trees on your right side and a fence with a ranch sign (JP) or something(?).. on the left is a hill and I think way up there is a train track or something. IF it's the secret sidewalk I'll wet my pants because that will just freak me out.


-- Chelsea (sppaammbasket@hotmail.com), May 19, 2002.

My husband is now 45 and he grew up in Newark. He told me the sidewalks were built by the movie studios. The sidewalks provided a smooth surface for the camera dollies to roll on. They shot numerous train hold up scenes (and probably wagon hold up scenes) in the canyon below the sidewalk. That's how I heard it, anyway. Hope this helps.

-- Julie Anzaldo (jewel@well.com), June 07, 2002.

I was thinking some of us should get together and walk the sidewalk again.

-- Manny Ariano (eend983581@aol.com), June 12, 2002.

I went up to the sidewalk a few times with some friends and it was great fun! Do any of you remember the big tree house a little ways up the hill? They built it. This was around 1989-1991. I have been thinking about going up there again, I want to take my teenage brother so he can see it. Since you are looking for unusual No. Cal places does anyone know anything about a water temple? I was taken there once when I was like 12 and it has stuck in my memory like a ghost. It was in Fremont (or close to it) down a gravel/dirt road, (it was night and we had to park and walk), it was round with colums and about three steps high. The best part was that behind it down a small hill was an altar with spooky faces on it. The people I was with were trying to scare me ( I was the kid in the group) by telling me that they needed a virgin sacrafice. I loved every min of it. If anyone has any info on this I would love to have it. Thanks so much! -Barbie

-- Barbie (genesis84@angelfire.com), June 17, 2002.

Hey Chelsea.. While driving, there is a certain stretch of the Canyon that makes my head hurt, make me feel like my blood pressure is on the rise, like maybe something bad has happened there. Doesn't last long, but sure don't like driving that part. Going up the canyon doesn't bother me...just that one place going down. Near where the old bar was.

-- Sam Hanson (mssamjan@yahoo.com), June 21, 2002.

SECRET BUM SIDEWALK the secret side walk is a bunch of bull shit? nothings there but a bunch of homeless bums.so if your thinking bout going up there take some extra food 2 feed the homeless.or they will get pissed and throw rocks at u.n the white witch is a homeless lady wearing a curtain.trust me i know.ive been there.so listen 2 what i say,or u might have 2 pay when u get there. .......cyber fun cafe:cum if want a clan match............

-- Matt Rogers (wnadance@hotmail.com), June 26, 2002.


-- pussy licker (ant_toy@hotmail.com), June 26, 2002.

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-- White Witch is a prostitute! (whitewitch@thesecretsidewalk.com), June 27, 2002.

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-- Fuck the Sidewalk! Who gives a Fuck! (sidewalkbullshit@sidewalk.com), June 27, 2002.

Secret Sidewalk: http://nobot.2y.net/pictures/tourdemont/index.html? i=13

-- mofo (oatmeal36523@yahoo.com), July 02, 2002.

there is some great stuff on this board these days! Thanks to everyone for posting your stories.

As I mentioned when I started this board, some of this info is feeding into a few projects I'm working on. One for a magazine called 'K48' in NYC will feature a few photos of the sidewalk and some other local east bay teenage hangout spots. Keep posting more stories please. It's great that people realize how valuable places like this really are. I could wax philisophic about the loss of rural space in the area etc, but I'd rather hear more great stories.

I went to the sidewalk a few months ago, and it is the same. I didn't see the troll though.

regards- Miguel

-- miguel (nickelpress@mindspring.com), July 02, 2002.

I'll try to post those pics I took somewhere online soon.

rock on-


-- Miguel (nickelpress@mindspring.com), July 02, 2002.

I was born and raised in Fremont,and just like someone else's response up above ''John Johnson'',I hung out with the same exact people every friday & saturday night. I was in my teens back then and all us ''STONERS''would look forward to every weekend at the sidewalk. I have always known about the white witch,and the older I got the more I would seem to think about it. From getting out of the car And all the way up to the sidewalk I would be holding on to my friends looking in all directions just trying to watch my back,scared shitless! After Finally arriving at the sidewalk there were so many friends with alot of alcohol to be consumed, that it wasent so scary anymore. A few times employees of Southern Pacific (the railroad dudes)Had shown up and everyone would scatter,running & hiding in all directions of them hills.That was due to the fact that there was ''No Tresspassing '',signs posted. Resulting in some friends and I getting cited, (probally for the alcohol!)One night it was close to 4 a.m. and alot of the people had gone home ,still about 12 people there but scattered up and down this strech of sidewalk that we would hang at.My step cousin ''Christina'',was off fooling around with some guy and Iwas ready to go home finally,so I called her name and followed the sound of her voice to a tree nearby the sidewalk. We were so drunk & silly just laughing and talking pretty loud and all the sudden we heard a womans voice singing in an opera type song,YA know like a scary opera kinda tune.Thats when I lost my cool buzz,Automaticly I thought of no other but the white witch! My 2 friends were all ''who is that,(w/no response) they kept on yelling ''shut up bi*ch'',And she just kept on with that same tune .Eventually they were thinking they were a couple of billy bad asses,and started to go look for her.I admit I do not fuck around with shit like that,I was begging them to just leave with me back to our car cause i would never walk them tracks alone,but they were drunk and drunk people dont listen,I obviously made it through the night and Willingly went back to the next kegger that following weekend. I KNOW ONE OTHER STORY THAT HAPPENED TO MY FRIENDS DAD & HIS FRIENDS PERSONALLY ,BUTiWILL POST IT HERE NEXT TIME.. Angie

-- Angie Newman (missy2112@yahoo.com), July 27, 2002.

My friends dad who told this story is someone who I assume would not make up stories ,But heres how he told it. His name is Rich ,Rich said him and some friends were driving through the canyon when they noticed a white vision up ahead,the closer they got they could see it was the white witch( they already had known the legend). NOW i KNOW THESE STORYS ARE ALL PRETTY CLOSE WITH DETAILS AND SOME ARE NOT,BUT KEEP IN MIND THIS IS NOT MY SIGHTING STORY IM JUST PASSING ON WHAT I WAS TOLD!! Anyways, As they approached she was all tore back looking with big teeth that went into sharp points and wearing the white dress with blood and dirt staines.Rich says they were so afraid that one of his buddys had pissed his pants as they passed by! He says they diddnt stop, or even dare glance back once! IF ANYONE WANTS TO KNOW THE REAL STORY, I SUGGEST GOING TO fREMONT, NEWARK,OR ALAMEDA COUNTY LIBRARY AND LOOK IT UP !!!!

-- Angie N (missy2112@yahoo.com), July 27, 2002.

Katie's story:I have seen the white witch down by the railroad tunnle. I went ther with a couple of friends that go to jfk high school and we saw her just standing ther looking at us but then everybody ran so i ran with them. I still go to niles canyon and I have talk to the bum that lives there and he has told me and my friends a bunch of stories that happend there but im not even going to tell you just email me then i'll tell all the stories that you need to know about NILES CANYON BJ's story: As i was celebrating with my friens because it was our friend Brooks B-day and she died on niles canyon road. Me and my friends were driving down that road and we planned to stop somewhere,so we did and went into this tunnel where we saw our friends ghost. My friends ran away and I just stood there crying because I really missed her and I couldn't beleive her ghost was right in front of my eyes. As we stood there looking at each other I stared to back away a little because I was getting scared and my friends were about tio leave me. So as I turned around slowly I stared waliking away and as I looked back she wasn't there so I ran to the car and my friends were asking me"WHAT HAPPEND,WHAT HAPPENED," I just went into the car and went back home. I didn't say a word to them about what happened...Istayed silent that whole night. These are two different stories. AUGUST 12,2002

-- Bj and Katie (angelbaby_0690@yahoo.com), August 12, 2002.

Erin, I don't know about any "secret" tunnels under Niles but a bunch of friends and I did walk through the sewage tunnels which lead from Alameda creek in Niles all the way up to the other side of Mission blvd. . If anyone decides to try be sure to bring flashlights, waterproof boots and wear a hat; the bats may start flying and it would suck to have them stuck in your hair.

-- Ethan (yayaya@yayaya.com), August 16, 2002.

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-- Steve richards (Richmaniac07@yahoo.com), September 11, 2002.

I lived in Pleasanton during my high school years. My buddies and I would hike all over Niles Canyon and we would camp there also. We would run into a homeless guy once in awhile. So one night the 8 of us were looking for a pretty secure place to stay the night when down the stream a little ways we saw a camp fire. Slowly we crept up and saw a guy just chillin next to the fire smoking a ciggarete. He seemed harmless and we had a fairly large group. So we walked up to him.He was pretty friendly. so we talked all night and told us some strange happenings that go on in the canyon. There is a small graveyard somewhere in Sunol which has a ghost of a little girl that died during one of Charlie chaplins films. And there's always a teddy bear sitting on her gravestone. Of course the White Witch one. Also back in the 80's a small plane crashed killing everyone on board. That part of Canyon is by the first narrow bridge. Part of the engine is still in about 5 feet of water. At that time two of the homeless guys friends came up and sat next to us both were also friendly. They went on about the White Witch and the plane crash. Once in awhile you can hear the props of a plane flying threw the canyon then just stop. He also said that the people who died in the crash still walk around the road to get help. There are also some other stories about the canyon that are pretty weird. They all said you got to worry more about the homeless people that live down there than the ghosts. So we all fell asleep. The next morning My friend wakes me freakin out. The 3 homeless guys were gone and there was no traces of the fire. There were no ashes or anything. That was weird. But the whole time your down there you feel as if someone is watching you. Another time I was coming back from Union City. My friend had a Grand Am at the time. If you try and open the doors from the outside and they're locked the dome light comes on then the locks make a clicking sound. Well it did that 3 times back to back. My friend heard someone sneaze in the backseat on a different night.

-- Kris (krisshoman@yahoo.com), September 25, 2002.

My friends and I are wiccan...and the white witch has blessed my friends....I have not been blessed as of yet....they are tearing down the old brick factory which i believe they shouldnt for its a historicl place to be....and one kick ass place to meditate and hang out...but you always get the feeling that you are being watched there....be it a real human or not....it erry but its addictive...

-- mariah (nottellingasoul@yahoo.com), October 12, 2002.

Do you guys know anything about Morrison Canyon Road? My brother was telling me about his experiences there and it freaked me out...tears started forming. So I was just wondering if anyone else had stories.

-- Kimberly (Ranchgal182@aol.com), October 31, 2002.

I here secret sidewalk is an old water pipe. I am would like to know more to. Morison canyon at the end is some type of military station with a upside down airplane. If anyone know more about this i would like to know, also is there any warm springs in fremont??

-- (abalelo3@yahoo.com), November 21, 2002.

i dont know shit but i wanna know wats goin on there so u let me know

-- dnt trip (kissmyass@faggs.com), November 29, 2002.

I used to party at the secret sidewalk back in the late eighties and early nineties.I went to the ranch(EL RANCHO HIGH SCHOOL)in U.C.. Me and my buddies,DAN GOLDSMITH,LEFTY,and all those other fuckers went up there to fry all the time.Its a great place for young people to go get fucked up.

-- bo casey (HELLHAUS@worldnet.att.net), December 31, 2002.

My buddies were at the sidewalk one night when all of a sudden a dude down at the train tracks fires up his chainsaw. He was screaming "come here I wont hurt you." Then the guy starts running at them swinging the damn chainsaw around. My friends natural reation was to laugh, hoping this guy was just playing some kind of sick joke. They quickly realized the man was not kidding and he was mentally ill. My buddies were able to out run him easily and no one was hurt. 2 weeks later the same man had chased his wife down to Big Daddies which was a burger joint by Niles caynyon. He was swinging his chainsaw at her screaming "I won't hurt you." Shortly after that the man was shot and killed by local autorities.

-- Mike O'Dell (diggerodell@earthlink.com), January 11, 2003.

Well, I wanted to say that I visit this page frequently, and there is some good stuff in here. more troll stories and ghost stories would be nice, but the druggy stories are really good too. also, I've heard a few stories about weird lights (UFOs?) in the canyon at night. My aunt, who I must admit is a bit of an exaggerator, told me that her mom saw lights one night driving in the canyon around 1969. And what's with that big beige satellite dish anyways? I heard about some other people who saw a lit up building at night and then the next time they went back to the sidewalk they couldn't find it.

I thought I'd post this email I got.. Joe, why didn't you just post this?

"Hi my name is Joe Gallegos.

My cousin and I are doing a low budget film based off the tale of the sidewalk.We have copyrights on it.So my information is limited.But what i can say is that people who have crossed that path have never returned. - duece55@hotmail.com "

Thanks dude.

And lastly, I have news- If you read the beginning of this thread, I mention that this info will be collected for a project of some sort. well, now kids can see my first attempt at tackling the subject. It is an essay and a cd-rom video contained in the current issue of K48 magazine out of New York. the project is called "Teenage Geography". there are lots of shots of the Sidewalk and a few other east bay spots.

It just got reviewed along with a subsequent art exhibit where the video and many other artworks were shown.


check it out.


-- Miguel (nickelpress@mindspring.com), January 15, 2003.

Someone from July asking about the Water Temple...Here's a page with a couple of photos...

-- Fred (freddie99@accountant.com), February 07, 2003.

I've been to the side walk recently with some buddies of mine and its not a huge deal but it's pretty rad to any one whos into death and x- files type things. You gotta be in decent shape to do the sidewalk or you might not even make it up there. It's erie and creepy but I didnt see any withch or troll, just a lot og tagging and RIPs where people supposebly had their bodies found. Its also got the brick factory, train tunnel and all that, but mostly its just a cool trail to smoke on if you got the balls.

-- Joseph Burkey (JBurkey@sbcglobal.net), February 11, 2003.


I just went out there for a hike this morning and got some photos of the Canyon. Feel free to check them out at http://www.paulbaca.com . If you are looking for serious information regarding the "Secret Sidewalk", I suggest contacting the local Fremont historian. His name is Phil Holmes. I don't have a phone number for him, I just know that he is recognized as the local head- historian.

Although it is a beautiful place, it runs through private properties. I went by myself, just shooting photography, minding my own business, and people shooed me away, telling me that they are calling the cops, and one person even added, "We're tired of you people coming up here at all hours, scaring our cattle."

There have currently been some motion to get rid of the sidewalk, because it does attract trouble. It is widely known to high-school students to head up there late at night in large groups to throw canyon parties, or beer bashes.

-- Paul Baca (pbaca@sbcglobal.net), March 09, 2003.

i found out the hard way that this area is not open to the public and do not recomend partying here DANGER WILL ROBINSON can you say SANTA RITA

-- clmprdve (clmprdve@aol.com), April 26, 2003.

Ive been to the secret sidewalk a few times with just a small group of friends. We usually go check out the urban legends when theres nuthin else to do. Fremont has the niles with the white witch and the secret sidewalk and the haunted bed an breakfast. and newark has Drawbride the ghost town wich is now shut down and i have never gotten to see IM PISSED! haha i wanted to see that place :( o well anyways i loved readin these stories. I have a few pix of us at the secret sidewalk i will post later !<3 jenn

-- Jenn (sfattitude@aol.com), April 26, 2003.

Damn, don't get me started about Niles. Niles is the most interesting place I've ever been to. When I first heard about Niles I didn't believe the stories my friends told me. But i was convinced as soon as I went. Of course the first story I heard was about the White Witch. My friend told me a story of a girl who was killed in Niles on her prom night. She was wearing a white dress (hence the name "The White Witch"). She was waiting for her date to pick her up when she disappeared. Now her ghost haunts the roads hitch hiking. When my friends decide to go, they see her and she appeared in their car. Told them she needed a ride to the city (Frisco). They took her as far as the bridge and she disappeared. Frist, i didnt believe it but then i also heard some stories about a santanic cult that lives out in niles. My friend Brit told me about a time he went and the road was blocked by a row of guys wearing black hooded capes. He stoped his truck and asked them to move and they just stood there. He described the guy in the middle as a 7 foot stocky dude. I guess he's the leader. He rolled his window up and decided to just plow through them, and he told me they floated across and opened up like a gate. I didn't belive him, until i went to niles. i was just went to walk the sidewalk. I was just there with some friends to explore, see what's up with the place, but then this tall guy came out from the trees. He looked like how my friend described him. He was wearing a black hooded cape and just stood there grawling at us, he was hella tall. I couldn't go by him, the sidewalk isn't that wide, so we just stared at him for a second. We didn't move and he just went back into the trees, i thought it was just some homeless guy out there. It didn't scare me so much but it was wierd. I haven't seen him sense then, i go as much as i can. Not to party or anything but just to see if i can find him or see the white witch for myself.

-- Amber Bianchi (Ambriella88@aol.com), May 02, 2003.


Now that you mention it, I remember hearing the stories about the hooded cape guys! Yeah, I remember them being more near Sunol though. Never seen them, but if anyone has more info/ stories about them, I'd love to hear about it. I never heard of the tall man, I wonder if he's friends with the troll? Niles canyon has it all.

-- Miguel M (nickelpress@mindspring.com), May 04, 2003.

ahh the secret sidewalk.. very creepy.. i used to go there with a few friends, late at night.. we walked to what I think was the end of the path, passed the bums, and dropped down onto the train tracks. As we peered into the dark tunnel, we saw little green light type shapes circling, far far away in the tunnel. I kid you not. Scared the crap out of us. I havn't gone back since.

-- placenta the afterbirth (lister99@pacbell.net), June 02, 2003.

Where is this Satanic Cult?! Where do I sign up?


-- Evil Muffin That Bites (MuffinsOfEvil@hotmail.com), June 02, 2003.

I thought I'd just add alittle note to your lineup here. I don't know a soul who reads this nor do I care too. I,ve lived around Niles from time to time since I was 15. Now I'm 44. Like I said I'm not here to impress a soul. When I was younger 'The Spot' on up to the tunnel use to be our lines of warfare with paintguns. We had a blast. Now I was born in Arkansa and i did carry lots of True Southern Beliefs with me. I ran into lots scooter tramps there, but in the year of 1984 or so I ran into White Pride groups. Now some may think this is all bull But I'm here to tell you that the KLAN IS alive and well, In the year of 2002 was the last 'ralley' I made there. But I'm still in contact with those Good Old Boys and I hope to make it back for the next one. All I can say is Niles Cyn is a small piece of heaven right in the East Bay Yours, Just Another North Cal Peckerwood

-- William W Curley ('north_cal_wood@yahoo.com'), June 07, 2003.

Just tonight my husband and I went by the Teddy Bear tree. It no longer has teddy bears in it, but it brought back many memories for me. My husband has been to the secret sidewalk and yes many homeless people do live there. I have never seen the white witch, but it is rumored that she is burried in a cemetery in pleasanton. She does not have a headstone just a tree stump. I can't remember the cemetery's name, but it is where my husband's father is burried and the tree stump is right across from him, I have seen flowers on there before, but that is it. Has anyone ever been to the old V.A. hospital? I'm am also looking for any web site that has stories about the Teddy Bear tree.

-- Stacy (camsm13@comcast.net), June 07, 2003.

Where do I start... If you have just scrolled through this post I would suggest you read this whole thread carfully. For the past 45 minutes many memories have returned. Detailed descriptions of particular events that haunted me for years I had laid to rest. While myth at times can be exagerated to an extent you must look past it and find truth. In this thread, this area that stretches from that hamburger joint all the way through the canyon and those hills to that very tombstone with a paticular teddy bear was fully dicripted. I have been to all points of this area.

One post states the writer had a great chilling awarness that something terrible occured when he passes the tall trees and the GATE that says JP ranch. If you follow the hillside to that ranch you would then find the secret to the black hooded robes! Is it coinsidental that you felt this and yet another post indicated along the side walk several robed in black were seen? The other post about them being down toward sunol? The homeless that reside there... Ask them of this and then look into there eyes and see the horror of what they have chosen to forget. Many of them disapear but many remains of them exsist throughout the area. What I am discribing is what many have come accross on this thread but barely understand. Many of these stories cross byway of urban legend mainstream and druid cerimonial activities. When you hear about teenagers whom have been "blessed" by the witch thay are not speaking of a hitchhiker that disappears. Or when they hear opera. I know this because I was once witness and this is my testamony to the core of what they concider sacred. The cattle that roam may disapear from time to time if you were ever a regular at the sidewalk. suddenly they return. But the cattle are new for the prevous were used in cerimony. This is reality. Terrible thing have occured in this very old canyon. And come february I would advise walking on eggshells when you explore this. They live by the inverted pentigram. I feel this is too short. But I will sign off for now.

-- James Jarrett (Ronauve1@yahoo.com), June 08, 2003.

James Jarrett, or anyone who can answer- Hi, my name is amber and i'm the one the posted the thing about seeing the men in the black hooded capes. I want to know as much as i possibly can about niles. Sense my first visit there i've been fascinated with this small town. The sidewalk that runs trough the trees and behind the old railroads. I've been through the tunnel and saw what someone else described in a different post. I along with 3 of my other friends has seen the tall man. We each went our own separate times and described him the same way. The man is huge, at least 7 feet tall or a little less, (im a tiny girl :)) This place intrigues me very much and i would love to find out more about the cult and the haunting as well. Thank you!

-- Amber Bianchi (Ambriella88@aol.com), June 16, 2003.

hey guys, i was just wondering about this "secret sidewalk"..i got to the end on Old Canyon Rd., followed the gravel road, but about 150ft or so down, we were stopped by a guy in a bronco telling us that it was his property and we had to leave.. i was headed the right way, right? as you walk, you can see a bunch of houses, and theres a creek to the left of you? how did you guys manage to sneak past the houses and not be seen by any of the owners there?? i really wanna see this place(the pictures i've seen make the sidewalk look gorgeous). if anyone would, please e-mail me. thanks!

-- J.W. (seoul_kidd@hotmail.com), June 29, 2003.

i would like to know why the secret sidewalk/brick factory area as had a lot of security lately. i have been going to the area for years and i have noticed these things happening within the past 6 months. people can no longer park near the entrance to the gravel road. the entrance to the brick factory has been refixed after years of being broken. the owner (the dude in the bronco) has been on patrol a lot more often, also he used to be nice but now acts like a dick to anyone on his property. in the last month i had the weirdest of occurunces. while up on the water tower(by the brick factory) at night i saw two men on ATVs decked out in all black. both were carrying some sort of rifle and appeared to be wearing nightvision goggles because they didn't have the lights on on their ATVs. this is very strange and i would like to hear more info. on this if anyone knows.

-- jason (chjkschrandt@msn.com), July 03, 2003.

Where is the teddy bear tree? never heard about that. From the looks of these recent postings, it seems that the sidewalk is more unfriendly than ever.

-- Miguel (nickelpress@mindspring.com), July 05, 2003.

I don't know what the real story is about. I have read stories contributing to the white witch and the troll. Friends have been telling me that it`s about the KKK and how they used to kill the people and just hang them. There is a railroad track, and if you step onto the tracks then you`ll get hit...eventually. Seriously, I have no clue on what`s going on, but I think everything is just phony. There is a lot of rumors going on and other people will believe it, of course. usually, if you believe it`s superstitions, then it is haunted.

-- Ren (misspunkerbell@aol.com), July 06, 2003.

lately, i hear the troll is getting meaner.. he used to never really bother you, but now he charges either a 40 oz. or $20 for "admission" onto the sidewalk!! how outrageous is that? and that guy in the bronco is an a-hole! this sucks man

-- J.W. (seoul_kidd@hotmail.com), July 07, 2003.

I cant say that I ever found, or been to the "secret sidewalk". I had first heard of it when I was on Marsh Road, investigating the Marcy Conrad murder, with some friends. It was extremely popular that weekend night, as there were many other groups of people there. We exchanged horror stories of Marsh Road, and eventually, someone in their group, brought up the "secret sidewalk" and asked if we knew of it. Of course, we heard of it, but never knew where it was. They gave directions, but we never really found it, because Niles Canyon is pretty far from where we were...about 2 miles from us directly, but about 10 or 15 by road....

In the last few years, we have had experiences many people dont have on Marsh Road. We know, and met the man who drives the big truck....I crashed my friends car, and he helped us pull it out of a ditch, almost unwillingly at first, but when we explained we only wanted to know the TRUTH, he became really helpful, even though he was really rude.

Recently I came back to San Jose, and now, my intrigue for Marsh Road, and Secret Sidewalk has grown to huge porportions. Not only have I found much information on the two "horror" places, but I plan to write an extensive project about the two, and once and for all, explain the myths, and truths of both places.

If anyone is willing to contribute concise information, or pictures, or anything they feel is worthy of being in print (on the internet of course) I will compile all the information you give, and put it together and E-mail anyone the copies, or even mail a hardbound copy. ANYTHING you have, comments, etc, is GREATLY appreciated. Additionally, anyone willing to investigate these places with me, would be GREAT. Be warned, I dont have a car, but have friends willing to go up there with me. Any information contributed, will be fully credited for, and any hard copy pictures, etc, will be returned promptly.

ROGER ALFORD 408-415-0064 - Pager Number Voicemail Xtoddler@hotmail.com Xtoddler on AIM

-- Roger Alford (xtoddler@hotmail.com), July 22, 2003.

True Facts from a guy that grew up there. 1.) The secret sidewalk is an old aqueduct about three feet by three feet in diameter and miles long Most of the property is owned by San Francisco city and county water dept. 2.) Yes there are tunnels under the Niles, Centerville and Irvington Districts of Fremont, Ca. 3.)The water temple is out near the other end of Niles Cayon Rd. It was built by the San Francisco water dept was recently restored and is open to the public during the day. 4.)The old VA hospital is out in livermore I belive it is at the end of Vallecitos Rd. 5.)The upside down wire mesh airplane is at the top of Morrison Canyon Rd and was built by a private contractor it is used to test radar and radio devices for search and rescue you can watch military helicopters, planes etc fly over the area trying to find it for practice if you go up there and park,take pictures etc a security gaurd will come out and write down your plate number but it is a public road just ignore him and the ride home has a beautiful view of the whole south bay area and on a clear day you can see the city (SF). 6.)There is no sewage tunnels draining into Alameda creek those are storm drains. 7.) The white witch story was about a new bride that killed in Niles Canyon in the twenty's. You can find pictures of the Airplane, Canyon etc on my website http://bobonit.com I have been there done it have the t-shirt except the witch part spent many nights out there making out with girls and drinking smoking etc never saw a witch unless I brought her. Bob

-- Bob O'Connor (rocdad@bobonit.com), July 29, 2003.

Hey all this stuff sounds really interesting. I live in Hayward and have heard many stories about niles, including one about a slaughter house. Does anyone know if there is any truth to the story about some old abandoned slaughter house somewhere in niles? Also I'm really intrigued by the water temple. If anyone has any pictures of it maybe you could send me some? thanks a lot!

-- Annikka Silva (apalooza@aol.com), July 31, 2003.

WoW! so there's actually a tree filled with teddy bears...er...there WAS a tree that was filled with teddy bears...kool! Hmmm...me and my friends have been lookin' for the secret sidewalk for a couple of yrs now and i cant believe that i've been goin' to it ever since i heard of it and i never knew it...well...i alwayz stopped at the creek/river and i alwayz went at night, and alwayz got freaked out cuz i alwayz seeing stuff and hearin' things...dang it! oh well... i should head on out there soon, if anybody wants to join me and my friends , hit me up yo'! ohhh..and if there's anything else i should knoe bout that place , let me knoe....

-- Carlo M. (tightywhityz@yahoo.com), July 31, 2003.

The Slaughter House was not on Niles, but off of Foothill Rd. It is no longer there, instead million dollar homes have been built on the land. My husband use to go there a lot with his friends, before it was torn down. The Teddy Bear tree is next to 680 on the Pleasanton/Sunol side (if you take Foothill Rd. toward Sunol turn left on Castlewood, then make right at the stop sign, 680 will be on your left) The tree no longer has teddy bears. But there is a bridge that you can get too by walking, it's suppose to be haunted, I don't know too much about it. I think the story is about a boy who was murdered by his mother by being thrown over the bridge or something like that. Has anyone ever heard of old St. Raymond's cemetary and church in Dublin? That is suppose to be haunted too. I remember going there when I was in high school, it didn't seem like a big deal since my grandfather is buried there, but one night I could have sworn I saw something. This page brings back so many memories, I have enjoyed reading all the postings. :-)

-- Stacy (camsm13@comcast.net), August 02, 2003.

stacy- thanks for letting me know where the teddy bear tree was (is). as for the slaughterhouse, I don't remember that at all, growing up in Ptown. but what about the Mohr Mansion? that place was super creepy even in the daytime. I heard that it burned down a while back. also, I had never heard about the story of the murdered boy at the bridge ( I know which bridge you are talking about though).

-- miguel (nickelpress@mindspring.com), August 06, 2003.

hey wasup man. i've been to niles canyon. that shit is hella creepy. i cant go into full detaile cause im at school, but me and 4 of my friends rode up there at about 2:00 in the morning about 2 weeks ago. we drove all the way through until we got to milpitas and drove ALL the way back. by the time we were back to fremont....we had lost 2 hub caps, had a flat tire, had a seatbelt shredded and saw a deers head in the middle of the road. the deers head freaked us out though. it was a clean cut like somebody had just set it there. i'll go into full detail in a little bit, but man, i would NEVER go down there alone lol.

-- robert (robsave@yahoo.com), August 07, 2003.

ok to tell u all i was up there yesterday and me and 2 of my friends went into the sidewalk. yes thats right into the sidewalk. first a brief history lesson. its not a sidewalk or camera road or anything like that. it's an over 100 year old water system to transport people's water. it used to b owned by the spring valley water company. there was a huge snadle about look it up on the net. anyways in the big one of 1906 the spring valley water building colapsted due to bad enginering.well after that it was owned but never used by the san francisco water district. then it was bought by the almeada water district along with every thing else in the san fran water district. so its all owned by alameda. well we went there and if u go past the bridge over the 75 foot drop and follow for about another mile u will fide where part of it has been detroyed but if u keep going there is a huge iron gate but if u climb up that hill it keeps going. there is a huge feild where ppl grow pot and party. but before the side walk is detroyed about a half amile back there is a hole in the sidewalk where u can get in it. if u follow it north u just get to the broken part witch is nothing. but if u follow it south it goes around the hillside then through the hill to eventually end up at a wooden barrior that has been made resently. well me and my 2 friends Alex and Nathan sat down to smoke a bowl after writing a message on the wood. well after that we were smoking american spirits and we turned off our flashlights and i saw light comeing from the other side of the wood. so we look and we could see light so we got out our knifes(im telling u dont go there without protection just to scare ppl away) and made some holes in the wood and we could see a chamber on the other side all lit up with piles of debre on the floor. but if u looked up u could see sky. so we left back down the tunnel back down the sidewalk to our car but right near our car was an old drainage ditch witha path along side with san fran water district signs. so we were walking up it after hopping a fence and a lady in a nearby house stopped us. we told her what we were doing and she gave us lot of info. u see at the top of the canyon in sunol is the water temple then the tunnel follows down through the hills and splits to a water tower and down more through the canyon to what is called secret sidewalk and were we saw sky was another water tower about a half amile up the path we were on. but dont go exploring just yet there r a few dangers. well first off the first water tower and the main entrance to the sidewalk r owned by some people who have enrolled national security forces to patrol their grounds as well as a helicoter and cameras that r constintly watched so u might not want to go up there unless u will to bunk up with tiny down at the county. the other dangers r at that path we were about to go on. 1 their is a family of mountain lions living right at the base of that hill and also about a mile up that path is a guys property and he likes to ride around on his atv drinking and carring a shotgun sometimes. so please just b careful. richard 17

-- richard (rickklown590@yahoo.com), August 08, 2003.

Oh man. I grew up in Fremont, and have been to the secret sidewalk myself back when I was in about 6th grade. I heard all sorts of strange and spooky stories about the place, and reading all of your replies has awoken some dormant (Repressed) memories about that place. Stories about kids being sacrificed there, satanic cults, the KKK, etc.

Of course, I just figured it was a rite of passage type of thing or an urban legend. When we went it was sort of a dare type of thing. I remember after coming back from there, I was freaked out for a few days. Never did tell anyone about it, other than the friends who were there with me.

Seeing pictures of it on a few sites, really made my skin crawl a bit. I can't explain it. I had almost convinced myself that the place didn't exist, even though I had been there. Then bang, I see pictures and it sort of all comes back to me.

I don't really remember what happened there, if anything, when we visited the place. Like I said, I tried real hard to forget about it.

It really had a profund effect on me back then, and it still gives me goosebumps to think about it.

What I do know is that I want to go back, and put some closure on the whole thing.

I'm 36 now, and have never met anyone else who has been there or even knows about the place. (Other than the few friends who made the journey with me some 20+ years ago ... And who I have'nt seen in as many years.)

Contact me if you have more info or would like to join me on a visit to one legendary scary places of my youth.


-- SubHuman (subhuman@ainet.com), August 16, 2003.

I've been hearing stories myself about the secret sidewalk. My friends told me about it. But I've never walked it before. It's kind of strange because my friends pulled over and parked at a area where we were between the niles river and a rail road track. It was cold and it was a half moon. My friends were smokin a blunt. I myself walked towards a tree and I mean it was fucken dark. I could swore I heard a fucken voice. A whisper. I told my friends about it and they came with me where the sound is comming from. They heard it as well. And we all got freaked out. We decided to drove off because it was like 2 a.m in the morning Monday.

-- D (curlydennis@cs.com), August 18, 2003.


-- rodizzles.. MT.EDEN! (pinoyshoopstah@yahoo.com), August 21, 2003.

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-- doggiie got some jizzle on my nizzle (woopderitisbaby@bitches.com), August 21, 2003.

I've lived in the Niles Canyon area since I was born and just recently moved out to Antioch, CA not to long ago. But I remember the "Secret Sidewalk"... My mother used to tell me all about it. Her and her 3 brothers (my uncles) would all go up there almost every other day when they were kids. Each of them has spray painted their names up on that sidewalk... when I was about 7 years old (I'm 19 now) My mother and my Uncle took my up there to see it.

"All that time I thought that it was just a story that my mother had made up to tell me before she put me to bed... but it's TRUE!"

There really is a sidewalk up there and her and my uncles names are REALLY on the sidewalk... I don't really remember how to get to it because I was only 7 years old at the time, but when I went up there I saw a lot of dead cow skeletons near the sidewalk...

(*Reason* = Cows would fall from the hill above and hit the sidewalk and die. The farmers would either never find them or not bother to get them at all, "which I think is really sad")

I've spent my whole childhood out there. I went swimming, fishing, camping, ect... It's just the most beautiful place in California at least. I keep on going back just to look at the scenery and remember old memories... My whole family has lived out there for generations, (4 generations or 5 at the most I think).. I know all of the urban legends; "From the White Witch -to- Dead Mans Curve -to- the Newly Weds dieing -and- the secret sidewalk" There are more but those are the most popular amongst the tourists. Niles Canyon folks know about the others.

If you want to know about the other urban legends or want more info on the secret side walk (which I can get from my mom) just e-mail me. :) I wish you all the luck on finding all the info you can on this secret sidewalk. Have fun & I hope that my info helps you. Chow!

-- Spickitty (jo_jo_d@hotmail.com), September 07, 2003.

Miguel - Was the Mohr Mansion of off Vineyard by Ruby Hills? The house I'm thinking of had palm trees that lined the road to the house. That house was creepy, the guy that lived there killed his family and buried them in the vineyard. They tore down the house a little while ago and now there is something else there. I use to drive by it all the time on my way to work.

-- Stacy (camsm13@comcast.net), September 13, 2003.

stacy- the mohr mansion is off of mohr avenue, on the other side of santa rita from the century house. if you go down mohr a ways, and go left, you will end up at the lot where the mohr mansion once stood. I understand it burned down a few years ago. In regard to the house on or near Vineyard, i don't know which one you are talking about. there are a lot of old houses over there. when did this story supposedly happen?

-- Miguel (nickelpress@mindspring.com), September 14, 2003.

Miguel - thanks for getting back to me. I did not know about the Mohr house. I don't know when the story first popped up regarding the mansion on Vineyard, it's not there anymore, but I remember hearing about it when I was in high school. That was about ten years ago. For along time the property was abandoned, but privately owned. If you take Vineyard toward Livermore, it would be on the right hand side. I believe the palm trees still line the drive. On another note, the old white house off of S. Livermore, turns into Tesla Rd., sits right on the corner, was used for a upcoming horror movie. The house is actually owned by John Madden and they started restoring it a while ago. It looks great, but the house always looked haunted to me, too bad I didn't write the movie before Hollywood got to it. :-)

-- Stacy (camsm13@comcast.net), September 14, 2003.

yeah i was at the the sidewalk ofthe summer of 2003 and we wwere up thereme and my friends...we got to the place..we saw a hobo with a axe...it scared us...we didnt care we kept on goin..we walked i kept on thikin sum 1 was whatchin me i ono y then we got to this cage thingy ...we hoped off then we looked inthis tunnel man it was big...it was like thru a whole hill we got to the factory until we got chased by this one guy that said y r u on my property?...we were a ll scared..cuz hes on his bronco we r oin feet...krazie..then this other guy took pictures of us...we wewre scared i was scared...i prolly wont go bak for a while....sum 1 e mail me about the troll plz

-- kremy (maltez@sbcglobal.net), September 16, 2003.

Hi Everyone! A feature length movie is being made about the White Witch of Niles Canyon. It'll be shot on location around the Fremont area. Go here for more information: http://skelletonpictures.tripod.com/

If you're an actor you might even be able to audition for a part.

-- Gaunt Skellington (skelleton_pictures@yahoo.com), September 16, 2003.

During the summer of 03 me and 5 other friends decided to take a walk down the secret sidewalk to beat the boredom. so when we got to the beginning we saw a man with a axe or a hatchet which kinda scared us but not too much because my friend had brought a baseball bat because we had heard of the dangers there. well while we were walking some of us felt like some one was watching us and we became paranoid and started looking around and we didnt see anything but we aw these bushes moving and we got scared but it turned out o be a couple who was also walking on the train tracks below. then when the facotry came iinto view we could see the guy in the bronco but we didnt know what he was doing there so we just kept on walking. when we were near the end by the train tunnel we saw that the man in the car was telling the couple they couldnt go in so they started to walk back towards old canyon road. we waited a while and then we decided to go in because we didnt see the guy in the bronco anymore. when we got to the brick factory we decided it would be fun to make out our names with the bricks that were laying there so we started to do that except for one of my frineds who decided to walk over where the 2 graves are. the next thing we saw was the guy in the bronco up by the water tower pop a u turn and come down the hill where we where. we all decided to scram and run across the bridge where the train pases by but the guy caught up and he pulled out a gun and said we were all going to die but then we started to talk to him and he said it was his property and we had to leave. when we were leaving there was a man by the gate to go into the creek trail in his backyard trying to take pictures of us and told us he was going to give it to the police. i did not see the white witch or the troll but if anybody has pictures of the troll please please email me or for any other information.

-- Ed Peraza (bsskater@sbcglobal.net), September 20, 2003.

i knoe who the troll is...his name is billy joe his face is burnt because he got thrown into a hot boiling pan when he was a teen...e mail me for any qiuestions....

-- kremy (maltez@sbcglobal.net), September 21, 2003.

yea kremy's right me and him hang out alot and we have seen billy joe a lot. he looks scary but hes a kool guy. and this one time me and my friends jonny chelsea and fat tony were running and we saw billy joe and his girlfriend toothless tina were breaking into sum car over by vallejo mills. kreny es deeck

-- ed peraza (bsskater@sbcglobal.net), September 21, 2003.

oh man! I didn't know there was a website on this. this is going to sound strange, but I was hiking up there about 5pm the other weekend and didn't know anything about a white witch or nothing. I came up to this railroad tunnel and there was this old man who came out of this tent by these bushes and he had a little dog with only three legs. It kinda freaked me out but we started talking and he was telling me about the secret sidewalk and the white witch and stuff. He was like an old hippie from Vietnam or something. Then he told to me to wait a minute and he went back into his tent and came out with a little bag that had some crystals in it. He put some on his tongue and told me they were like pop rocks so I took a handful of them and ate them. We were talking some more and then some lady came out of his tent with no shirt on and she looked nasty and was yelling at the old man and the little dog started getting excited and started biting at my shoestrings. It was getting really weird and i decided to keep hiking. I remember walking down some railroad tracks and there was these big tall brick towers and then something really scared the shit out of me there was something glowing yellow in this dumpster and I went to go see what it was. I was sick to my stomach and seeing shit in the bushes. I had to hop this fence and when I looked inside there was this bucket of piss that was reflecting when the sun shined on it. GROSS! I thought I was going crazy and then I heard some rustling in the bushes behind me and somebody grabbed my ankle and then I must have blacked out cause I woke up and it was like 7pm and somebody stole my backpack and there was these fuckin scratches on my legs. But then I was in a different place somewhere by this creek and there was this family of Mexicans and like 8 kids with blowup rafts. I was lost so I asked them how to get back to the road and they pointed and gave me some kickass bbq. I was really freaking out and pissed off too but it was getting dark so I tried to get back to my car and I saw something moving ahead of me in the shadows. And when a car would drive by with it's lights I could tell it was people then after a few minutes I couldn't see them anymore but I knew I was getting close to where I saw them walking. I heard someone mumbling something and said HELLO but then it got quiet and this really tall dude came out from the trees and he had a brown robe and told me that I shouldn't be out this late then I told him what hapened and that somebody stole my backpack. He said he would take care of them and took out this sword and showed me. He said not to say nothing about what they were doing and I looked in the trees and they had a bonfire and some kind of animals and this dude that had deer horns on his head. This dude said that I was pychic and that's why I could see them but I know that I'm not pychic. at that point i was l

-- Geoffrey Pollack (lilwinky@aol.com), October 12, 2003.

I visited the Secret Sidewalk about a year ago. We had about 10 people in our group. It was hard trying to find the secret sidewalk. The hardest part is trying to find the trestle. Once found, you will walk on the sidewalk for about 1/2 mile? It is very narrow and hollow. We came across a pic of a devil or was it Satan? graffitti on the sidewalk. People were trippin out when we saw it. Also to mention there was a hole about 2x2 feet in the ground. We smelled the burning smell of wood and saw some smoke emitted from the hole. When walking by, you can feel the heat from the hole. Maybe it is the troll inside? or perhaps some bum....

-- Jimmie D (allaccordv6@yahoo.com), October 15, 2003.

hey guys...all these stories are super interesting...i love hearing stories about the white witch. if anyone has any more stories, websites, pictures, etc. about the white witch or the ghosts of Morrison Canyon Road PLEASE EMAIL ME!!! thanx a bunch! :)

-- Jen Sho (princess_jen016@yahoo.com), October 18, 2003.

I grew up in Fremont and have been up to the secret sidewalk numerous times as a teenager in the late 70’s early 80’s. I have never seen the white witch or trolls. Everyone used to go up there and get high, take LSD that kind of thing. In the 80’s a good friend of mine died at the sidewalk. He was having a lot of personal problems at the time. He and three other people went up there to drink. On the way up they ran into these hooded individuals doing what seemed like a ritual. My friend talked some shit to them; they packed up their belongings and laughed at him as they left. My friends went up to the part of the sidewalk with the gate after a couple beers my friend got up and ran out on the part with the drop on both sides. Another guy got up and went out and asked what he was doing when my friend ran out of the darkness right into the other guy. This other person said he looked right in his eyes and he had a chance to reach out, but didn’t. He fell off the edge to the rocks below. His heart burst when he hit the ground. I and friends of mine still miss Rob to this day; he was a really good person.

Now for this Morrison Canyon Rd, and the upside-down airplane. I have been through numerous UFO/alien experiences and the bulk of them started up there. I am known in the UFO field and have had several articles published on myself, and have been interviewed by A&E amongst others. I have been told that it is a government base, owned by TRW corp. I do have a friend that grew up in Fremont that knows the individual who owns the land. He said a group of men leases it from him. They started this in the 70’s he asked what for. They said don’t ask and paid him a lot of money. These people did build an underground instalation. I do have UFO video footage from up there. I believe that it is a docking station. I knocked on the gate and an old 65+ Chinese lady came out. Government instillation? TRW? I know what I think I guess you should go up there yourself and decide

For more on my UFO stuff and more check out http://phenomenon.ufo.home.mindspring.com There is even a psychic reading on my friend that died at the sidewalk.

Gary W. White AKA: Psychicman99

-- Gary W. White (psychicman99@lycos.com), October 20, 2003.

This thread is amazing. Me and Amber must know the same Brit because he told me the same story about those hooded figures a couple years ago. I'm glad I found this cause I have been trying to remember how Brit's story went but I couldn't. Now I remember and it was scary as hell! (It was the story about the hooded figures standing in the middle of the road and not moving out of the way when they tried to pass.) It actually happened to HIM (not a friend of his) and when he was telling me, I was pretty convinced that he wasn't lying. He also had a story about someone's car breaking down out there...it might have involved the hooded figures. Anybody hear any stories about people's cars breaking down out there?

-- Megan Bliss (killingkatie27@yahoo.com), October 23, 2003.

Great info. I have spent a lot of time in the caynon over the years. There are areas where my hair stands up and it feels like someone is watching you. I have seen the secret sidewalk but never gone on it. I am looking for info on the old bar called the "spot" when was it built? were exactly was it? also has anyone heard of the willows a old picknic site? How about a old dance place were people would ride the train from SF. to dance. Any info would be great. All5rogers@yahoo.com

-- mike rogers (all5rogers@yahoo.com), October 28, 2003.

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-- ray h (choney_thief@yahoo.com), October 29, 2003.

THe other day i was walking on the secret sidewalk with some of my buddies from centerville that i havnt seen in years. we went up there to drink some 40's and somke some bud. while walking, in the distance we some somthing strange, it looked like some people wrastling with eachother. we went closer, it was crazy, i was getting freaked out. my boys decided to cut and i decided to keep going. after about 20 minutes of walking i herd some groaning and moaning. i looked down and there was the white witch giving the troll a hummer. I just stood there and watched for 10 minutes at least. I was getting turned on. i started to stroke it. but i was about to bust and this dude in a atv creeps up on me and catches me. its a trip because he was wearing nothing but cowbo boots and a niles centerville baseball cap. he asked me if i wanted a ride but i said fuck no. he said it was his property. i fuckin bounced dude. i aint down with that shit. i took off and went to Big daddys for a shake and some greassy ass fries. late

-- Nassir Hamed (choney_thief@yahoo.com), October 29, 2003.

I live in Fremont and I have been to the secrete sidewalk numerous times. The ironic part of the secret sidewalk is that everyone and their mother knows about it. My dad was a teen in the late 60's and early 70's and they would go up there to party...It's true about the bums, for the most part they won't bother you, normally they are too messed up to pay attention to you. I remember for a while (a few years back) there was a group of skin heads who would hide and wait for teens to walk by and they would beat the crap out of them with bats...I haven't heard anything lately about it. Supposedly, the city of Fremont has been considering tearing the sidewalk up because of the underage drinking and drug using that goes on there (you will see a lot of people tripping up there). Everyone that lives in Fremont and who would party, has a ton of stories they have either witnessed or heard of, most of it is only partly true, if you were there, you were probably drunk or tripping and your memory is a little twisted. The upside down airplane is really on Morrison Canyon...it's over looking the east bay and really is a pretty view. Problem is, the drive to it is bumpy and some parts of the road are not meant for larger vehicles..also, the neighbors up there will call the cops on you, a lot of teens go their to make out..so if you go be prepared to bounce quickly. About the white witch, there are many different versions of the white witch...there is also a black witch version. Difference is the white witch will only ask for a ride, then disappear in the car. The black witch will supposedly jump out in front of your car and make you crash your car in the deeper part of the Niles Canyon..there are a lot of newspaper articles in the Fremont Main Library on these stories (and by the way, the area code is 510, not 925). Good Luck!!

-- jessica (kicagirl16@yahoo.com), November 06, 2003.

I live in Fremont, and I have heard plenty of stories about the side road of Morrison Canyon. I'm actually planning to go and check it out soon. I am a little bit curious about all those ghost stories, and I just want to see it with my own eyes. Do you guys know anything I should watch out for. By the way, anybody interested in have a trip out there in a few weeks.

-- Tristan (no_such_user@hotmail.com), November 11, 2003.

I was thinking about heading up to the secret sidewalk in December to take pictures and check out the spots i havnt been to. I havnt been there since 93, If anyone is interested Let me know and will get together.

-- cesar (clmelgoza@yahoo.com), November 11, 2003.

There are pictures of the secret sidewalk at http://mediariffic.com/secretsidewalk

-- Gary W. White (psychicman99@lycos.com), November 14, 2003.

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-- Mario Garcia (mgarcia852003@yahoo.com), November 17, 2003.

I got raped on the sidewalk by 50 men. They screamed for me to scream there names. They made me suck there little dicks and i like it. I also called them big daddy

-- Mario Garcia (mgarcia852003@yahoo.com), November 17, 2003.

any girls that want to go with me to the secret sidewalk for some fun e mail me. im hella horny. late

-- dan (choney_thief@yahoo.com), November 18, 2003.

everyone who wrote in this fucker is hella fucking gay and when u actually go up there there is nothing to tell but u c a clay factory and u see a sidewalk that u r walking on! u c some fucking fags up there thats like as short as a fucking troll and he looks like one too!u c a guy everyday up there thats a fucking nigger homo that drives around in his fucking faggetty ass bronco and chases people like me! I GOT CHASED OUT OF THE FUCKING CLAY FACTORY CUZ THAT FAG SAID HE WAS THE OWNER AND HE WANTED ME AND MY FRIENDS TO LEAVE!!! WE WEREN'T DOING ANYTHING! but looking around and making shit outta bricks and throwing bricks at shit!and thats my story... in conclusion my name is cravin-cravin morhead and i think everyone who wrote in here is fucking gayer than shit on a mother fucking stick! ps. i like to get high!

-- fuckstick jones (jackoffjill@sbc.com), November 23, 2003.

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-- hitlers son (longlivehitler@yahoo.com), November 23, 2003.

i live in uc i was planing on going up soon if u can give me some info or wanna come along email me

-- some1 (sk8life37@yahoo.com), December 10, 2003.

With the exception of the last few posts, this has been an interesting page. I have lived in Pleasanton since about '89, and heard many of the stories of the teddy bear tree (I heard it was some serial killer thing) and the secret sidewalk. I have seen the cement aqueduct on the side of the hill and often wondered if a) that was the secret sidewalk and b) what was it really? (I thought it might have been an older road but the aqueduct makes more sense.)

I believe "The Spot" was in the middle of niles. Heading west it was ot the right at the base of a series of eucalyptus trees right after a "30 mph" right turn, but before the white bridge that turns to the left. I think the area is now fenced off.

My question is, what happened 6/28/83? the words "Forget 6/28/83" are spraypainted on one of the posts that support that white bridge I just mentioned. I have a picture I took of it. I went to the library in livermore and looked up old newspaper clippings but didn't find anything. does anyone know?

-- Matt (fooldaft@yahoo.com), January 27, 2004.

i was raped by some fine ass hoes from centerville class of 94. fine ass hell doo. late

-- danny corrales (sickwithit@yahoo.com), January 27, 2004.

There is now a Yahoo Group about the White Witch. Please join and discuss the legend and the movie.


-- Jon Davis (skelletonjack@yahoo.com), February 28, 2004.

We just went to the sidewalk today and I must say it was cool seeing as I haven't been there since I was very young. There is actually a hole that you can get into the sidewalk and four of us went down in and walked with our flashlights until our backs hurt to bad from bending over. It is not 3x3 feet but more like 5x6. We went up on the hill above and saw a farmer in an atv. He didn't even acknowledge us. There was also a herd of turkeys, which was interesting. My friends climbed the water tower above the clay pipe factory. We didn't really see anyone else. No guard or nothing. I am very interested in more info.

-- erk (erikl85@yahoo.com), February 29, 2004.

Hi, I stumbled across this while searching for info on the teddy bear tree. All the stuff about Niles Canyon is very interesting, and sounds like a good area to shoot a couple music videos. I know the last post on here was from february, but I was wondering if anyone remembers the story of the teddy bear tree, because I seem to have forgotten it for the most part. My uncles used to tell it to me when I was a little girl, and I know one of them has a stuffed giraffe he stole from it, but I don't remember the story that went along with it.

-- Holly (sparki@thesparki.com), March 26, 2004.

Can someone tell me what the deal is with Marsh Road? I've never heard any "horror" stories about it.

-- Lisa (lisa_benson@invision.iip.com), April 07, 2004.

37, lived in fremont since 1971. First off.. I can confirm the story listed about the guy running down the track with the chainsaw. I remember when that happened.

I started partying up on the sidewalk back in the 80's. So many trippy things back there... all the homeless camps, the troll, and there used to be a guy name "toby"? a black guy older w/ short dreads that used to be back in there... You'd see him from time to time walking up canyon road. We did open up a metal grate on top of the sidewalk when water was still running thru it.. that was freaky..

One nite we were out at "the spot" which used to be an old biker bar in the middle of the canyon.. called "Rancho Aguierre". used to be able to camp there... and on the other side of the bridge there was the old baptist church that had tent revivals. After the "spot" closed down, and the church too.. 6 friends and I went back into that area next to the sidewalk... and were gettin high and playing on the old playground equipment swings and stuff next the the creek... we were in pitch black... and then heard a noise in the bush... as a car came around over the bridge above.. the lights illumintated the bushes.. and there was a guy in the bushes... all dressed in black... hood too.. it was really freaky... we all flipped out and ran across the road... back to the cars...... we then drove fast as hell outta the canyon... and up to "Big Daddy's cookhouse for malts. WOW.. what memories...

Also have seen alot of satanic stuff up on the sidewalk.. found dead cows..with pentograms painted on the sidewalk next to it.. but as mentinoed in another post.. the cow probably fell off the hillside and onto the sidewalk there were bones everywhere..

Have never run into the dude with the ATV.. but I have heard tons about him... I think he is the caretaker of the landowner who was to have built houses back there round 1998 or so.

One other time of going out onto the sidewalk... we had been out there for about an hour... and were going back inside towards the brick/roof tile factory.. as we got further back.. some freak dude came riding up to us on a bicycle.. on top of the secret sidewalk.. it was so freaky.. he just came up.. passed us up and did not say anything..... YIKES...

I stopped going up to the sidewalk back in like 1993/4 or so... Kinda thining bout going exploring again....

-- Andrew B (aantibes@yahoo.com), April 07, 2004.

Hello. Went to the Secret Sidewalk today and walked most of the way but didn't cross the 2 gates closer to the houses. A friend of mine talked about the Secret Sidewalk, from his crazier-sow your wild oats days. Appearently he thought someone died there and that the danger vibe was so thick in the air you could cut it with a knife. So walkled up Old Canyon Rd., up the road to the tracks and finally laid eyes on it. Paculiar place although I don't think I would have been creeped out If my friend I was with wasn't all creeped out plus reading the postings in here. No homeless people, KKK or hooded figures. The only creepy part to me was the end of the walk-the hills surounding make you feel like a sitting duck. I think I would have felt very much at peace if not for creepy rumors. Odd little place. Another odd little place is the Industrial Area of Berkeley but that's another post. Anyway called that friend and he said that on a saturday night partying and women everywhere. Maybe i'll go back.

So I have two questions

1. What was the full brick building like cause the smokestack are all that remain?

2. Are there still massive parties there or have they been cracked down upon.

Happy searching

Paulie the Hat

-- Paul Hunt (hat4scratch@yahoo.com), April 09, 2004.

Go to gallery.mediariffic.com/secretsidewalk I can seem to include URL's. But it has pictures of the SS.

Happy searching,

Paulie the Hat

-- Paul Hunt (hat4scratch@yahoo.com), April 09, 2004.

Having lived on Old Canyon Rd. for 18 years I can personally say that most of the statements made by others are false, however, a few are true. Lots of bums, parties, and cows, however, no hooded figures or others ghosts. The building with a smoke stack was use to produce pottery type textiles (bricks). Any questions I could probably answer! Let me know

-- runner1181 (runner_1181@yahoo.com), April 12, 2004.

Has any one ever wondered why it was called the “Secret” Sidewalk? Because that is exactly what it is. If you were fortunate enough to enjoy the wonders of this place then your memories are as bittersweet as mine. I grew up in Niles off of Canyon heights. My earliest memories consist of my friends and family taking frequent hikes to this magical place. I recall swings underneath the “bridges” that were a bit intimidating and if you were lucky you didn’t break a limb. On occasion you would see a dead cow or two and of course the graffiti. In the early days you could walk the whole thing but at one point gates were put up. Remember the Gates of Hell?? This was the very last one located next to the Train Tunnel. There was also a bum named Toby who lived under that very spot. We used to see him in Down Town Niles all the time.

The Secret Sidewalk is infamous for its parties. My era was 85-90 but this has been a popular spot for years. It was fun and secluded. You can let loose and be as free as you wanted. Most of my first everything’s were experienced there. We were teenagers what did you expect! Even when the police would raid us it wasn’t a problem. You just “ran to the hills” (sort of like the Iron Maiden song), or just take the party to my house! Remember guys!?!? My old neighbors do, once and a while a story comes out!!

Since the Tile plant closed the quality has changed. But, it was the best place on earth at that time. I cant go into to detail, its like Vegas, the stories are left behind. If I had to sum it up in one statement: It was my favorite place in the world and my biggest fear as a parent!


-- jennifer Crain (frenspassion@yahoo.com), April 15, 2004.

When you mention the secret sidewalk, I get nostalgic for those carefree days of my youth. Era (85-91). Days when I could walk up to the hills with my best friends and not have anything better to do than walk the length of the sidewalk and ponder the messages in spray- paint, written to no one in particular, but everyone knew someone who’d tagged here and there. Cow tipping, (or trying to when intoxicated) is soooo funny to watch! No one that I saw try it ever actually got close enough to do it though! Girl talks in the hills, my best friend to this day and I used to go hide from our guys and talk for hours next to this huge rock, it may still be there. The nights were infamous! Bonfires, kegs, many illicit substances. Dodging the train sometimes served as entertainment. I remember one day some of us where up there and we got caught by the cops and ticketed for trespassing. Another time (or too many to count) we had to run into the hills because the cops were on their way. So many memories, too little room to write them. I hope this helps in the quest to know more about the “Secret Sidewalk”!

-- Rochelle Tong(May) (rowdyroc@comcast.net), April 15, 2004.

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-- kelly ramerez (fjkdslafj@fkdns.com), April 23, 2004.

i grew up in fremont and did all of the usual party stuff. i remember the chain saw incident, Toby The Troll, all of that is all good. one story i remember that thwarted me from going back up there is when fremont gangs started hanging out up there, because they knew stoners would be up there partying. one time, Jim Templeton and his friends went up there to party and some gang was up there, probably the ABTs or something like that. Well, Jim wasn't one to back down and he got jumped pretty badly. they had golf clubs and baseball bats and the like. Jim got his ear practically severed of by a 9-iron. when i heard that story i stopped going up there. i remember going up there looking for mushrooms under cow shit. Charles Bowles was taking a class at West Valley and his professor said that if he brought some shrooms in, he would classify them for us (psychadelic or not). we collected, got loaded and had a wonderful day. i never ate those particular mushrooms. there also is the story of the guy that fell off when he was loaded, i can not remember his name. it was messed up though. his friends painted a tombstone on the sidewalk where he fell off. a nice tribute, but some gang members of course tagged it up. i do remember the sidewalk being feaky, being young and all of the stories, especially at night i was watchin my back , during the day it was chill and extremely peaceful. i love niles and even though i don't live in fremont anymore, i find myself there at least once a month, just laughing at all of the shit we did, especially at the church. remember when hentrich told jim marshall that a stink bomb was a piece of candy and jim ate it. jim chased hentrich around all night long....classic

-- paul k hippe (pkhippe@hotmail.com), April 26, 2004.

There are too many messages on here for me to see if anyone else noticed this but as far as I know the white witch is a bastardized version of two separate stories. The Niles ghost, which I have also heard of being refered to as the lady in white is basically as most people have described it, a hitchhiker looking for a specific address and disapearing and when you go to the address she mentioned it turns out she's been dead for decades. The Niles witch is said to be the eerie force which gives you the feeling of being watched as you walk the secret sidewalk. They say if you know the spot and walk up into the hills you can see the remains of the Niles witch's home and if you go to the very end of the sidewalk very late at night you can see a humanoid shape across the field with eyes that shine as a cat's in the moonlight, if you are in a group, the witch, if it is her, will dart off into the forest but if you are alone you may never be seen again...oooohhhh!!!

-- Daniel Garcia (Devast8shn@aol.com), April 30, 2004.

I live in Fremont about 10 minutes away from the Canyon. The secret sidewalk is an old aqueduct. I went about 1 year ago and my friends and i walked for like 30 minutes it was dark as hell and it was pretty damn nerve racking. I just went there again tonight and the entrance is laced with barbewire and big ass boards and stuff. My friends and i get around this. Just as we start walking about 100 yrds in a fricking motion dector light goes off. All the sudden my friends and i look up and there is this hidden camera in this bush. Then this guy comes outta his house with a shotgun looking rifle and yells "hey fagots" my friend and i start jetting back to the car 1 we dont wanna get shot. 2 its a 500 dollar trespassing fine and we get arrested. So i suggest unless your hellllllllllla fucking badass and you dont care about getting arrested or shot dont go to the secret side walk at night.

-- Dustin Rodriques (sportsize@comcast.net), May 08, 2004.

In 2001 Justin my boyfriend took me for the first time to the secret sidewalk mind you i had 6in high heel boots on and it was freezing cold. We parked and hand in hand he guided me done this dirt path it was about 12pm and so dark and dead slient and a full moon we cut through some bushes and climed up to an opening through the bushes and came across a railroad track it was so creepy. I followed him single file down the tracks slowly as he tried to scare me playfully with horror tales as he proceeded to freak me out a dog came rushing out of the bushes barking and we both pissed our pants and and completly froze. You would think that we would have ran back to the car and I would have even in 6in heels but no we forged on down the track to the sidewalk climed up on to it and walked its long path. On the sidewalk we both felt as if someone was watching us and decieded it was time to head back to the car on the way back we both heard wierd noises and smelled death like some dead animal or something but then the smell would go away as fast as it came. We then moved as fast as possible back to the car it was an exciting yet scary experience...


This is such a great tibute to some of the greatest moments of ladder youth years. I have been to the secret sidewalk, mohr mansion, and the old VA hospital in Livermore. Also someone mentioned the old house on Vinyard in Livermore that has since been demolished, I spent a few weekends there with a friend filming a movie.. once again a creepy place but no supernatural experiances... All of my experiences at these locations were years ago and usually among a large group of rowdy, liquored up punks (more scary than scared). These places were great for us to scare each other (or girls) at though, and if you have ever sat with a group of friends telling white witch stories at one of these locations you have truly experienced what these sites are best suited for.

Thanks Miguel for digging up these bones.....

Your friend, Mark F.

-- Mark F. (ferguson@goped.com), July 23, 2004.

/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ thought I would return here. so are there still gangs up on the secret sidewalk? gangs are so ƒucking stupid, wish the sidewalk was like it was back in the 70's & 80's !!! \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/

-- MAD MIKE (spamsux@no.net), September 13, 2004.

I'm a 16 year old kid and I live in Livermore, me and my friends dig going to creepy places and ive read every post on this forum and the secret sidewalk seems amazing, I would love to go. We have been inside the old VA hospital and the abandoned sanitarium in Livermore. My parents grew up in Fremont, and frequented the sidewalk but they wont tell me how to get there. Is the secret sidewalk somewhere off 84? Anyways, Im really interested, so if anyone wants to help me out, and give me directions, or even go up there with us, please instant message me on aim, my screen name is itsthefirsttime

-- Tyler Curcio (tjcurcio@hotmail.com), September 20, 2004.

I have more info and answers to some of the questions above and will divide them in this reply to help.

THE TROLL: The troll is a white guy that used to share the space under the sidewalk at the point where Southern Pacific RR entered the tunnel just below. The other homeless guy that shared that space was indeed Toby a black guy as described with dreads above. I know this because the troll dude offered us some of his steak that he was cooking after we offered him a beer. If you heard Opera while at the sidewalk, It was the trolls radio, because thats what he listened to all the time or talk radio.

BRICK FACTORY: The factory sat at the end of a private road which started at the end of Old Canyon Rd. Back in the late 70's and up till the mid 90's there were houses near the main entrance of the brickyard that was used for housing in the yards early years for the operators of the yard. During the recent years as above, they were privatley owned houses not related to the yard. I dont believe the houses are there anymore, but the foundations still exist on the right hand side as you get closer to the factory in a somewhat wide area between the road and the tracks. The property there was used for quite sometime as a shortcut since there was a dirt road from this property that went to the tracks along power poles and powerlines that brought you out to the tracks just a few yards or so before the tunnel.

TUNNELS: The sidewalk has nothing to do with the tunnels under the old part of town.

THE SPOT: The place known as The Spot was a Fishing Spot/Biker Bar midway through the canyone as stated above that was near a church which was across the creek. The train tunnel that starts under the Secret Sidewalk ends at The Spot. As you stand where The Spot once was and look across the road, you will see another section of the Secret Sidewalk which is all grown over and mossy.

MOVIES: The Sidewalk was used for movie camera carts, but was not the reason it was built. At the time I was going to party's up there, it was owned by San Francisco Water Works and supplied water to several areas of the Bay. Water had actually still flowed through it when I was first going there. The water originated from the Water Temple at the East End of niles canyon but has long since been re-routed.

WATER TEMPLE: This place is in fact open to the public on the weekends. When you come through East bound On 84 and reach the "Y" in the road, Look to your right and you will see a huge gated driveway. This is the entrance to the Temple.

HARLEY COUNTRY: I am suprised that noone has mentioned this area of Niles Canyon yet. It is just outside of Sunol westward. Along the highway you will see a Concrete and Gravel Company on the right and just to the left is a pullout area with tables. This was called Harley Country because it was painted on a big rock that sat near the edge of the road. We would party there alot till cops decided they would beat us there. Also partied at the gravel plant across the road on one of the tower platforms that overlooked the road and Harley Country. The Secret Sidewalk can be reached by crossing the creek there and hiking a ways back in the hills. We also used to be able to go OffRoading with the trucks in Harley Country. If you headed eastward down the dirt road that used to be open, you can see where vehicles used to travel. It would go as far back to where you can see the train tressel that crosses the creek from the south side to the north side by the road. There is a WaterFall a few yards away and can be accessesed by crossing the train tressel. Many people used to go here to dive off the damn and do other things. When I used to start going to the waterfall, it was considered a nude area. Yes, there was titties and pussy showing all over. But they have long since vanished from there.

OTHER POSTS: The other posts here that are flaming out at us here are nothing more than little scared kids or punks that cant handle the fact that they are so little in there pants. Grow up and get a life. Begone!

PICTURES: Im doing some collecting of pictures of Niles, The Sidewalk, Water Temple and whatever else I can come up with about these stories. Any pictures you have about the discussions, please e-mail them to me so I may post them all on a site, please describe the pictures to the best that you can. I will post the site in a later post here when complete.

ANGIE NEWMAN: We may just know each other in someway or know someone. If you want you may e-mail me to chat about the past. May be fun :) Thanks for your post as well.

MORRISON CANYON RD: I know that my friend Bob Neilsen wrecked his car in that canyon. Was three others with him, but noone was hurt fortunately. A very narrow road to boot. Not advised for anything bigger than a Chevy 4x4 with stock tires. Suburban is cutting it close. The UpsideDown plane does exist and is near the entrance to a training facility, I guess military, but not sure. You can get a bigger vehicle to this spot with the plane via Vargas Rd off of 680.

EL RANCHO: Went there myself for sometime, I know lefty, but not sure of you and the other person mentioned. You may have been to Aaroyo Park a few times. That is where we were when not at the sidewalk in the Stoner Pit which was a spot along the creek wall with a surrounding wall built to keep the water of the creek out.

CHAINSAW: Never heard of this one all the years I was at the sidewalk. Nor have I ever heard of KKK meeting or whatever. I have hiked with several people day and night throughout the hills surrounding the sidewalk and never seen any of this. I do know that towards the end of the end of the sidewalk, you climb up the hill to the top and you can see a pond on the other side.

HOODED CAPE GUYS: Never heard of this one either. I have been going to the sidewalk since the late 70's up until lately. Perhaps as mentioned above, they were more closer to Sunol.

THE ROCK: The rock is still there by the train tunnel up the hill near a tree line. Been there a few times myself with friends and girlfriends. I bet if that rock could talk, it would have some freaky and yet kinky stories to tell. :P

UFO's: Never seen any of them, But I do remember a time when we were partying there and we saw headlights coming from behind us. What was odd about this is the fact we were above the tunnel facing the west which there is no road behind us. These headlights were from a 4x4 that had a another vehicle behind it driving on the horizon of the hilltop and then went back down the other way. Our first words were "Rollers" (Cops). Then we thought, well shit, there coming from the direction we would have ran to. :/ As for the part with the upside down plane, I do remember being told that is was in fact owned by TRW and this area was related to UFO sightings and such like area 51.

ROPE SWING: Yes, the good ole rope swing under the bridge portion of the sidewalk. This was near the entrance to the sidewalk. You had to walk along the tracks and scale a hill to get to the top of this spot. The rope swing was tied to the middle section below the bridge and swung across a nice deep crevice in the hillside. Continue your journey to the sidewalk by going under the bridge to the other side and go up to reach the sidewalk. Used to be another gate that we used to have to go around in that spot back in the days. If you to the middle of the bridge and look over the north side down to the ground, let me know if the big rock at the bottom still has the BullsEye painted on it. This was put there because some one had fallen off this bridge and hit that rock and died. Be careful if you enter or exit this way, We had entered this way most frequently and never knew it till our way out that the crevice has a tendency to flash flood. What made it weird was the fact it was mid summer and dry when we went in, but it was a raging torrent when we left and never did rain.

CATTLE: Yes, the cattle will stumble along the hillside and sometimes roll to the sidewalk and die. We were there when we heard a cow stumble. It was in fact funny sounding to hear, but kinda messed up for the cow. We had first heard a tree limb snap, and then a loud gurgled sounding MOO, All of a sudden we heard all hell break loose. Trees were snapping and limbs were flying as the sound of this big beast rolled down the edge of the hill. The noise echoed loudly through the canyon making it sound like a few had rolled down.

A LESS TRAVELED ROUTE: Although it is more desireable to take the easy ways to the sidewalk and risk getting caught, you can take a rougher course along the tracks starting at Clarke Dr. This will take you behind all those asses at the houses and it is not tresspassing to walk along side the tracks, only on the tracks. The area along the tracks is public property. If you dont believe me, go to the Alameda County Clerks Office in the Courthouse in Fremont and ask.

PAUL BACA: Your link is invalid. True about the bashes at the sidewalk. Someone wondered how we got kegs up there? We drove them most of the way up to where the tunnel was then hauled them up the little hill to the sidewalk. It used to be driveable most of the way, but has since been fenced off again as far as I know.

OFF LIMITS: I think everyone here knows its tresspassing to go to the sidewalk. Most of the time that is why we go anyways...

DRAWBRIDGE: Drawbridge is open to public, but be careful getting there. Here is a link to some info about it and pictures. http://www.ghosttowns.com/states/ca/drawbridge.html

KKK: No KKK in the canyon, There has been frequent groups that I know and know of that have been there. Does the term "Nazi Youth, Fuck Authority" have any meaning? It was there catch phrase in the time and still is to this day, however "Nazi Youth" has nothing to do with nor wishes to have any ties to the KKK. "Nazi Youth" is a low profile group that is widespread through the western states and seems to have more political power and money than the KKK. They used to hold bashes themselves at the sidewalk and have groups by a fire out there. Although they were anti-black, they had no problem with other races at the time, may have changed now though.

TEDDY BEAR TREE: Never knew of this one, but it reminds me of Christmas in the canyon. There was a tree somewhere along the highway that every year would get decorated by the homeless with soda and beer cans. Actually looked pretty neat from a distance.

TALL MAN: Not sure about this one, But was wondering if anyone has ever walked down the East Side of the Alameda Creek Trail South of Quarry Lakes dr. next to the fenced off area near the rubber damn and seen what almost looked like a bigfoot figure? I am not the only one who saw this. I thought I was trippin till a few weeks later I met someone else who had seen this. The big figure didnt seem mad or anything like that, it just walked and ran as I did on the other side of this fence following me. It was breaking limbs as we moved, so it was definately something.

BRONCO: Dunno bout this one. Never had the chance to meet this pleasant sounding person. It has been a while since I have been to that area, so there may be some creepy crap going on there. Keep us filled in please.

CRUSHED: Sorry to see and hear that part of the sidewalk was crushed up. But I guess it begins a new journey for others to remember it the way it is now in there future.

HEAT: The heat from the sidewalk that you felt in the hole was the actual effect of the sun heating the air inside the tube. The smell is from the water that remains inside from rain and moss. The smoke may very well be from one of the homeless.

MUSIC VIDEO: It would be an excellent place to shoot a music vid! :)

GATES OF HELL: The gates Of Hell got the name because when you walk towards them from the north where the sidewalk dissapeared into the trees, it felt like and looked like you were going to hell. You had to pass this gate to get to that area.

COPS: I remember being there with 3 kegs and about 250+ people when the cops showed up. They arrived on motorcycles and cars. As they got closer, it appeared they decided not to proceed any further due to the mass amount of people they would have to cite or kick out and left almost as they got to the sidewalk.

GANGS: I remember the gangs crap. I think we ran them out when they seen that 50+ people were arriving in cars, trucks and motorcycles. They were in fact ABT's and they didnt last long there. Especially after that incident that the sidewalk would grow to support a couple hundred party goers that we supported to run them out. I think we were the biggest gang there, but the most at peace with the surroundings and each other while there.

6 INCH HEELS: Sounds like you were out to have some fun that night and I dont mean getting drunk either! Have at it, I did and will never forget her for that night.

I will post a link to my site which I will have pictures of the sidewalk and more as I find them. If you want to go to the sidewalk, I encourage it with safety. Not because of the troll or the witch or any of the fables listed here, only because of the cops and neighborhoods you have to go through to get to it. And also maybe an ass in a bronco.

-- John Johnson (cobra269@yahoo.com), October 13, 2004.

More info on Drawbridge, CA.

http://www.caghosttowns.com/towns/alameda/drawbridge.htm http://www.ubzub.com/ue.html

Here is a satellite image of the brick factory and the Secret Sidewalk http://mapper.acme.com/?lat=37.591788&long=-121.95189&scale=10&theme=Image&width=3&height=2&dot=Yes

-- John Johnson (cobra269@yahoo.com), October 13, 2004.

I posted to you earlier before I scrolled to the end.

-- Heather Hallstrom-Taysom (heathertaysom@comcast.net), October 27, 2004.

> Hello, as requested here it is: > This being the "season" I am attempting to find one > particular site of horror I found last year to send > the link to my friend for giggles, when I came across > your site. MMM..peaked my interest. So here is my > version. I grew up in Pleasanton and my best friend > lived in Sunol. We had the best of both worlds when > it came to extra exploring. Our time was 83 to 87, > when the mayor of Sunol was a Lab, though I don't > remember his name. We explored Harley Country, the > Crevasse, and yes the Secret Sidewalk. Our > "activities" were not the most sober of ventures, we > were teenagers. I know one version of the Niles Witch: > If you are driving from Fremont into the canyon on a > full moon, do not look into your review mirror. The > moon will be visible in the mirror and so will the > unwanted hitch hicker in the back seat. As legend has > it, as I've been told, if she sees you seeing her she > will kill you. More malevolent that your earlier > versions. I've had many a break net speed drives back > to P-town to meet curfew just looking ahead. Now the > sidewalk. We got there once. For some reason I'm > thinking it is around Harley Country, I could be > wrong, up on the side of the hill? Or I could be > confusing separate occasions. But...chain link and > all. The sidewalk just seemed to have been > demolished. Not like over some chasm but just say > maybe 10 to 20 feet or so, and a person would be > totally able to navigate around the chunks, but any > attempt to "go on" was met with "hell no". As I can > recall there was a definite stopping point where any > further trespass was somehow just not feasible and > "just not innately smart". It just felt wrong, if that > is possible. The Chasm also has a story. But y'all > want the Sidewalk. Let me just say this...there is a > lot of history in them hills...lol > >

-- Heather Hallstrom-Taysom (scoobybrat9@yahoo.com), October 28, 2004.

SECRET SIDEWALK- On Saturday November 6, 3 friends and I thought we would go check out the "Secret Sidewalk" in Fremont. Browsing on the internet, we were able to get the directions and headed off to Fremont. We Turned onto Niles Canyon Road and parked near the Entrance. As We Walked toward the Gate, There were Graffitti and signs saying beware, keep out and no trespassing. We Found An opening in the gate and proceeded thru. Once we All Got past the gate, An Old man came out of his house and started yelling at us telling us to get off his property,and then he saw our car and wrote down the license plate # and called the cops. We Hurried in the car and Drove away as fast as we could. As We drove away on the high way, you could see the sidewalk for about 100 feet and then it dissapears into the canyon. It looks really cool and if you are willing to walk a long way to get to it, then you can drive along this little creek and cross it to the secret sidewalk. Be Careful of that crazy guy! Good Luck

-- Rick (christballa@yahoo.com), November 08, 2004.

SECRET SIDEWALK? I'm still trying to find the time and a tour guide. But.... I have WHITE WITCH info that'll make you smile. The White Witch story is probably the most popular Niles story told, and knowing this, our friend - a great guy with a crazy sense of humor - once ran through the wooded area -- in a long white gown -- late one Halloween night -- close enough to Niles Canyon Road that people driving by were able to catch a fleeting glimpse. The road is rather windy, so you can't really LOOK AROUND much. Can you imagine what must have gone through those people's heads? Especially if they were driving the road that particular night LOOKING FOR her?! So, you see, some people who tell the story of that frightful Halloween night when they saw "The White Witch of Niles" -- really think they did!

-- Erin Fritz (erin.fritz@comcast.net), November 11, 2004.

i just got this email, and I thought it brought up a very good point-- who owns this spot of land called the sidewalk? (the part by the niles canyon entrance). Is it private property or owned by the SF water dept? could it become part of the East Bay Regional Parks System someday? that would be the best. -Miguel

"My name is Paul, I have lived in Fremont 50 years. As a child I went to day camp, run by the city of Fremont. It was held at the corner of Mission Blvd and Niles Canyon, next to the old Vallejo Mills ruins. I remember one day we were taken on a nature walk which took us past the old kilns, which were once used to make brick. Then we walked on to the secret sidewalk. What was funny about this is that at the end we had to go through someones backyard in a housing tract in the Niles hills to get out. Sadly all the area seems to now be owned by the SF Water Co. and this land is "off limits". There were a few parks in the area, one I think was called "Elderberry Park", at the end of Old Niles Canyon Road. I drove up there, with my brother, about a month or so ago, and we found a locked gate. My brother read a sign, which I did not see, that still had the name of the co. which once ran the kilns there. I wish the city of Fremont would look into making an historical park out there, or maybe the East Bay Regional Park District could look into making a park there. Very pretty and interesting area."

-- Miguel (nickelpress@mindspring.com), November 21, 2004.

Wow, I can't believe this thread has been going on since 98'. I stumbled across this link via googling around for past friends. I grew up in Pleasanton and have been to many of the spots listed in the thread, mostly skating with friends circa 87'-91'. What great times...

-- David Crane (ddcrane_99@yahoo.com), November 21, 2004.

Well, the skating arena in those days ....left much to be desired..lol...but they were the thing..I used to frequent the Dublin skate...lol...before it got turned into the Chuckey cheese that we all gave fake ids to get into to play the games...lol...any thing else?

-- Heather Hallstrom-Taysom (heathertaysom@comcast.net), December 13, 2004.

okay here it goes.... the secret side walk is real and it was used along time ago to hold water.(its hollow inside) the white witch story is real. i have lived in niles 20 years!(all my life)i live on the hill so all i have to do is go through my friends back yard and i am on the side walk. it is blown up at one point but all you have to do is walk over the next hill to find the begining of what the kids now call the dream walk (just a continuing of the secret sidewalk) which is said to be where satanic people kill cats but i dont believe that to be true. there is alot of tagging but that give the side walk its history to let you know who has been there. i do know of two people who fell off the side walk one broke many bones the other cut his wrist on a rock and ended up with 10 or so staples. there is a natzi club house but it is no longer used now it is just a place with alot of porn inside. i will admit kids like to hang out up there and party, (i have done it myself) even at night and its not scary there is no noises or people jumping out at you. only in febuary do we have a ghost. So remember this the only scary thing on the secret side walk is the guys that ride the four wheelers and shoot you with pellet guns!

-- Aimee (lovemeonly18@yahoo.com), December 13, 2004.

Just like to say first off, thanks to everyone who posted. Thanks to this forum, my friends and I have been to the secret sidewalk many times since the summer. We've been to the "Time Tunnels" as well as Morrison Canyon Road and seen the upside down plane there. But Niles Canyon is by far, a the most interesting place out of them all.

A tip for those who wish to find it. Use the "less traveled route" as pointed out by John Johnson's post. When you're on Mission Blvd. turn into Niles Canyon Road towards the hills and almost immediately make a right turn into Old Canyon Road. Leave your car somewhere safe and take the railroad tracks into Niles rather than climbing over the fence covered with the 'No Trespassing' signs. The tracks run behind the neighbor's houses and the sidewalk will be on the right side eventually on the top. If you miss the first "entrance", you'll eventually see the bridge part of the secret sidewalk since its pretty obvious and you can climb onto the sidewalk from there as well.

Some stories. We were leaving Niles and walking on the tracks back to our cars when one of my friends stepped into a dead wild boar in the middle of the tracks. We soon discovered there were 3 of them lying equally spaced apart with no train tracks on them, all of whom had a big gaping wound in their stomachs. Everytime we go to the brick factory ruins, we take the bricks and construct a small house out of it, but the next time we go it's always dismantled. The queerest experience however was at night when we are walking in the dirt path near the brick factory, the one that leads into the abandoned lot with the smokestacks. We turn into the corner and about a basketball court's distance down the path, we see a pair of shiny lights, spaced apart like a human's and shining like like how a cat's eyes shine in the dark. My friend and I in the front freeze as we see it move into bushes in the left as the other two people behind us are wondering what just happened. That's when we all agree that we heard walking sounds come towards us from the left side of the bushes, like a person walking on twigs. The whole night we had heard strange sounds, mostly attributed to animals and such, so by then we could distinguish the sounds, and this one sounded like something was coming towards us. We quickly left and took the tracks back to our cars, and as we walked on the tracks, we would hear sounds coming from both sides of the tracks now, as if it were following us. Needless to say, that was probably the only strange experience we had there.

We plan to visit Niles again in the future but we had some questions. Is "the Troll" still living in Niles and are there still any homeless people who hang around the area? What is so special about February? Also, how long is that train tunnel, the one with all the graffiti on the outside, and if a train comes while you're in the middle of it, is there anyway to avoid it? And finally it would be cool if some people could share more of their experiences or pictures on the sidewalk...scary or not.

-- Chris (naomasayi000@yahoo.com), December 19, 2004.

Wow, talk about some long lost memories!!! Teh SideWalk was a great place. It was a meeting place for all the local high school "Stoners". The gates of hell are there, The Troll has been dead since about 96', there are always freaky people out at night. To William, Jessica, Amber, Loretta, Jennifer, Robin and Mattie...Those alcoves were put into that train tunnel for a reason...THANK GOd we found them...we never did find my shoe. Rest in Peace Will. DaNI

-- Dani (danielle_guyette@YAHOO.COM), December 23, 2004.

Chris Stated: "We plan to visit Niles again in the future but we had some questions.

how long is that train tunnel, the one with all the graffiti on the outside, and if a train comes while you're in the middle of it, is there anyway to avoid it?"

The train tunnel is about 1-1/4 miles long so I have been told and it seems that when you walk all the way through it. During winter, the tunnel somewhat floods towards the end near "The SPot", so walking through is hard unless you are wearing hip waders. The tunnel has Cubby Holes every so many feet which have enough standing room for 5 people squeezed in tight. They are tall enough for you to stand in I should say as well. I think there are 13 cubby holes total and I am sure from recolection that they are all on the south side wall of the tunnel....

Sorry I cant answer anymore than that for now....

-- John Johnson (cobra269@nospam-yahoo.com), January 06, 2005.

once dis mufuggin rain stops, im finna pay the walk a visit...

-- the crazy man of ardenwood (thewirebag@hotmail.com), January 11, 2005.

Wow... I just happened to stumble across this thread, really interesting. Finally finished reading the whole thing and I realize its 2:50am! lol. Yea I have some stuff I can contribute but I'll post it up tomorrow or this week too tired to do it now. I want to go visit there soon but will probably take the "less traveled" route since I have seen how the gate is far more secure than it was in the past plus people state there's a video camera near the entrance so better avoid that. I've probably been there about 10-15 times.... I'll get back to this don't worry.

-- Jeff B. (sk8rjef@yahoo.com), January 17, 2005.

Well here it goes... First time at the sidewalk was actually an accident that we found it. Started walking down the gravel path by the gate and headed down to the brick factory with about 6 or 7 of my friends. We looked around at the buildings, they were partially intact back then. Throwing bricks around and whatever. Then we spotted the water tower up then hill. Me and a couple others climbed up the ladder on the side of it all the way to the top and just chilled there for a little bit. After that we got down and went over by the train tunnel where the sidewalk is going above it and explored the area. From there walked back along the sidewalk all the way back to where it stops at that persons backyard and you go down the dirt hill to the tracks. The rest are in no particlar order.

One time at the brick factory we saw a dog dish in front of one of the buildings partilly filled with water. So we assumed there was a dog nearby but weren't sure. Next thing I know my friend who was snooping around behind the building by some bushes comes running back saying there was some huge dog over there, so we just left the area with caution since no one wanted to get bit and have rabies or something lol.

Many other times we just walked down the sidewalk to the medow and would sometimes throw some large rocks on the train when it came by, pretty wreckless at the time. Though never walked through the train tunnel I saw the cutout things in the wall where you can stand when it comes by.

As for going inside the sidewalk, done that.. entered through the smashed open section shortly after the sidewalk bridges between the gates. We walked inside with a torch made of some debris to the end where theres rebar blocking the end. On a different day me and a two others went inside the sidewalk and headed back in the direction of the houses. It seemed like we were going FOREVER and the inside starts to get smaller and smaller. But eventually it got sort of muddy / watery (it was during winter) so we just turned around since we figured it would just keep going till it met with a sewer pipe or something like that. Ha this was funny, a different occasion me my friend and his cousin went inside the sidewalk to blow off an M-1000. My friend lit it inside a empty budwiser box and we ran like hell till about 40ft away from the dam thing. I plugged my ears but that thing was soooo fricking loud, made the craziest echo noise I've ever heard!! And also blasted us with a gust of wind / dust. Meanwhile my friends sister was standing outside on top and said the layer of rocks / dirt on the sidewalk jumped up when the firework went off. It also caused a chunk to fall from the ceiling where the opening hole is.

I used to have this cool black knife with a sheath that was found by the sidewalk but I ened up selling it at a garage sale, doh!! Wish I hadn't done that now =\ Main reason I sold it was the tip was bent a little bit and I never thought I would use it.

But yea I've never seen any ghosts or the white witch ect... Met a couple hobos but that was no big deal really. I do remember one time when walking back from the meadow area of the sidewalk somewhere past where the trees begin again we looked up the hill between the brush and it almost looked like there was a section of fence wayyy at the top but it was hard to tell. No one wanted to go up the hill since its rediculously steep in some areas with thick vegitation. I still wonder what was up there.

Also in the meadow where the sidewalk begins to go into the hillside again, we found where that ends up. If you're at the watering hole swimming spot by the river go across and over the tracks, on the hillside there is a spot where theres an opening / junction area for the aqueduct. We went inside there but part of it was flooded and there was the largest frickin spider web ever that had a black widow in it. So we said screw that and planned to go in there another time but never did.

The guy with the bronco, only had 1 run in with that dude. We had just finished walking back from the meadow area and were down by the first gravel path off to the side near the creek. Us three had just finished up a joint then that guy comes by on the trail and tells us we need to get out of the area because we're tresspassing. So we were like okay and headed back to the car but nothing else happned.

Thats about all I can think of for now. I remember last time I was by there was at night with some friendsk, we wanted to go down there to go drink but since there were those boards and barb wire plus we had the alcohol we said fuck it and split. That was about a year and a half ago. I still want to go up there sometime soon. Also if anyone wants to go to drawbridge, I know how to get there its really not that hard. Email me if you need any info.

-- Jeff B. (sk8rjef@yahoo.com), January 18, 2005.

Ok that was lame.... I wrote a whole bunch of info and posted it and now its deleted... what the hell???

-- Jeff B. (sk8rjef@yahoo.com), January 20, 2005.

Yeah...trippy. I want to go up there again this year when the weather permits!

plan on taking some friends.... hopefully you will want to join me John J. ! yeah..bring at least a case of brews, and some 420 hehe be all good. got to wait till it gets warmer though.

alright Mad Out..

-- MAD MIKE (spamsux@nomail.net), February 03, 2005.

Wow people just keep posting! (including me) It's probably because theres just so much to share about Niles! Well I think I might have had an experience with the "White Witch". About 3 years ago my friends and I were headed out to visit another friend who lived on Palomares Canyon Rd, and we were driving down Niles at about 10:30 or 11 pm...anyways we were driving along when all of a sudden all 3 of us gasped because we saw this young woman waving at us frantically from the side of the road. We all just were a little creeped out but said nothing until my friend Jason who was driving turned around. "She seemed like she really needed help". My other freind and I started protesting like crazy "YOU DONT JUST PICK UP CRAZY WOMEN ON SCARY MOUNTAIN ROADS! LEAVE HER ALONE! etc, etc" but he felt really concered for her so no matter what we said he kept driving back. We slowed way down in the area where we saw her, and she was gone. My (insane) friend then decided to come to a full stop. "Hello? Is someone there? Do you need help?" he called out the window. (as my friend and i are still freaking out and telling him to step on it and drive). He gave up and we drove to my friends house. All three of us don't deny that we saw a woman...for sure. But none of us had heard the white witch story. When we got to our friend's house and recounted the story she got pale and scared and told us the story of the white witch. We try and just dismiss it as some homeless lady on drugs or something - but who knows? It could have been the witch.

P.S. The upside-down airplane is just a fun little crazy drive but theres nothing spooky about it at all.(in my opinion)

-- Amy (amyodio@yahoo.com), February 20, 2005.

Hey Mad Mike and John J., when the weather gets nicer and you guys plan to go, lemme know, I'm down!

-- Kelly R (zfreak72@yahoo.com), March 03, 2005.

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