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I would like to know the best way to print transfers on paper that looks like the original aside from the Iris.I haven't checked lately, but remember Iris prints being very expensive.

Since I'm in the process of deciding on a scanner and printer (I think it will be the Epson 700) for my Mac, I'd like your input. I'm not sure if I can use a watercolor type paper and get good results.


-- (, October 13, 1998


In reference to the paper, call epson directly (800 epson usa or something like that - check with the 800 directory people).

I don't think that result image will be as sharp as the original transfer. After all, you're dealing with ink jets (unless you have a budget for a color laser jet of some sort). On ordinary paper, the ink has a tendency of running (not to mention, watercolor paper may be too heavy for the printer's paper path). What you may be able to do is use one of Epsons (or other manufacturers) more expensive photo papers (I think that they only come in glossy finish). But that's an RC coated paper - not even close to watercolor.

Best to check with Epson for info about using watercolor.

-- Stuart Goldstein (, October 13, 1998.

I've been producing and selling polaroid transfers for about 2 years. love the process! I have got sucess in scanning with a hp photo smart scanner of dry....flattened.... images. I use watercolor paer in my printer which is a canon bjc-7000. The finished product looks great. I have also had Fine Print in Co. enlarge some of my images onto photo paper, but the look is much different and I'm not as happy with the look.

-- jude galbraith (, September 04, 1999.

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