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If any of you are stocking up on items from Sams for y2k, remember, they have a record of everything you have purchased there. If the Gov. wants to know who is stockpiling food, they only need to go to the records at Sams and other buying clubs.

-- Louise (~~~~~~@~~~~.~~~), October 15, 1998


Why would they care? If the govt wants food they will go to a grain elevator and get 10,000 times as much as any individual could store. Much more logical. Besides, if the computers don't work, where will they get the info?

-- paul Davis (, October 15, 1998.

Louise, if you are that paranoid, consider this. Every store you walk into has video camers gawking at every move you make. I'd be more worried about what goes on in these discussion forums than I would be about a Sam's sales receipt. I think if anyone is being watched, it's us wild survivalist, extremists. :) Keep stashing!

-- Dave (, October 15, 1998.

You can say that about the government in everything you do! Every time you use your ATM card, credit card, or buy a gun, there's a record. Local governments are even sending people traffic tickets for speeding or running stop lights via cameras catching you in the act. So what if I buy 2 cases of toilet paper every trip I make to Sams or Costco, we wipe our butts a lot. I'm more concerned about the thugs getting to me before the government does. Did you know the IRS is 2 years behind on auditing or catching up with you because you made an error on your income tax return? I wouldn't count on the government being too speedy about anything. They don't have the time nor resources to confiscate my toilet paper.

-- Bardou (, October 15, 1998.

Yes, and after eating all those beans when the SHTF,(literally) we'll be wiping a lot more. Thanks for the reminder. Time to get more toilet paper.

-- Dave (, October 15, 1998.

That brings up a very good question; like how much to get, or where to store it for that matter.I'm sitting here thinking...Where can you hide it? I was thinking about hollowing out some furniture, but not sure if I could do a good job in the time remaining.Then I thought..take it off the roll and put it under the carpet...line your coat..hat..or inside a wall.. Believe you me there will be a big demand for this stuff. If you have ever been w/o you know what I'm talkng about( I can hear you saying MmmHmm) ...So.. any ideas? 10,000 hrs to go....

-- Arthur Rambo (, October 15, 1998.

I wouldn't worry. The reason anyone shops at Sams, Price Club, etc. is to buy in bulk. I do that all of the time anyway. We always have about a month's worth of food in the house, not counting fresh stuff like veggies and milk.

-- Buddy Y. (DC) (, October 15, 1998.

Well, I'm going to start a new thread called "Where to hide stuff." That should be a good one. Let's see how smart and clever we all are......

-- Bardou (, October 15, 1998.

Toilet paper in the attic. Insulation now, barter later. No one, including Big Brother, cares what you buy at Sams,Costco,etc.. Their only concern is sales tax revenue.

-- Bill (, October 16, 1998.

You guys with all the talk about toilet paper are killing me. I'm busting up laughing. Better save all those newspapers. They'll come in handy! Johan

-- johan (, October 16, 1998.

You guys with all the talk about toilet paper are killing me. I'm busting up laughing. Better save all those newspapers. They'll come in handy!!!

-- johan (, October 16, 1998.

If you don't want em to get your TP, spray some brown paint on it! Tell them it's used.

-- Dave (, October 16, 1998.

THIS IS TOOOOO FUNNY< ya all must go #2 ALOT>>>>

as beavis would say.... TOILET PAPER RULES>>>> Yeah....

As for sam's club, they're tooo expensive anyhoot i get my tp from grocery store, a case of charmin for 5.48 and the government can have all of mine that they want, they just have to get in line behind the thieves first.

I live in the city it gets pretty shi.....y hope you like my little diddy

-- tooo funny (, October 16, 1998.

Where's our court minstrel to grace us with a limerick when we really need to be uplifted?

-- Sara Nealy (, October 16, 1998.

No need to worry about Sam's...anyone posting on here probably already has their name of the ----- list!!! :>

-- deborah cunningham (, October 21, 1998.

In days of old and knights were bold and toilets were not invented They left their loads upon the roads and went away contented.

-- potluck (, October 21, 1998.

Okay, so my son has a joke too:

Why was Tigger looking in the toilet?

Answer: He was looking for Pooh

Is that you, pooh? Did you go number 2? Oh no this is tooo cool We used to do this in school

-- carrie (, October 21, 1998.

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