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I was in Costco(yea that was me with the tuna,soap,etc.) today, and I picked up a bag of Uncle Ben's par-boiled converted rice 10 lbs for $4.00 btw Is this rice partially boiled?(duh) and would boiling this and also beans kill any critters and extend shelf life? any body know of pros vs. cons?

-- Arthur Rambo (, October 21, 1998


Parboiled rice is rough rice in which the starch has been gelatinized by soaking, steaming and then drying. The rice sometimes turns colors because of this process resulting in 3 grades, parboiled light, parboiled, and parboiled dark. I would think this process would kill off any bugs already in it, but not sure about bugs to come.

-- Kay P. (, October 28, 1998.

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