Teacher/Journalist wanting career in sports psychology-is it possible?

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I am a high school journalism/English teacher, and I am also certified to teach psychology. Beyond the classroom, I am the yearbook adviser and the assistant girls cross country coach. This is my third year teaching, but I am researching other career options, specifically, sports psychology. I have a B.A. in journalism from Indiana University ('95) and a psychology minor (30 credit hours I believe). My coursework in that area includes abnormal, childhood/adolescent and community psychology, pyschology of learning, behavior disorders of childhood/adolescense, stats, and labwork. My undergrad GPA is a 3.6, and I have taken the GRE's. I know I could obtain a Master's in counseling, but I would like to know my options with sports psychology. How can my background help/hurt my chances in being accepted into a sports psychology program? And what else do I need to do to increase my chances of being accepted?

Thank you to anyone who can offer any suggestions.

-- Rosemarie A. Piga (rpiga@mccsc.edu), October 22, 1998


Dear Rosemarie, Take some time and research your question to the enth degree. For example are you aware that most performance enhancement sport psychology consultants do it as a side line. They are for the most part teacher ( college professors). It is very difficult at this time to make a living, currently pracicing only performance enhancement. Dr. Jim Loehr, one of the most noted sport psych. would be a good place to start regarding what people are doing to make a living. Dr Britt Brewer has a book I would also suggest(exploring sport and exercise psych.) I believe sport psch. at this time, is trying to find out how to do things in the working world not just academics. Not many adds for sports psychologists. Most sport psychologist have a clinical practice as well. My practice involves athletes but it is mostly from a pathological and maladjusted behavior perspective, although I do a great deal of performance related work as well. It is very sperratic however. FYI: My master degree is in sport psych/athletic counseling, my doctorate is counseling psych. Hope this helps, Edd

-- Dr Edd L. Wilbanks, Jr., (wilbanks@iamerica.net), October 25, 1998.

I'm a Purdue grad but I'm willing to help you!?!?

Call (405-744-7476) or e-mail (steveed@okway.okstate.edu) and we can visit.

-- Steve Edwards (steveed@okway.okstate.edu), October 28, 1998.

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