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i am currently studying a sportd studies degree at southampton university new college and have to do an asighnment on sports psychology. unfortunatly i don't know any one working in this field. so i would be most gratfull if you would help me by answering a few questions.

1. entry qualification in to the job 2. breakdown of what job entails 3. conditions of service pay/hours/holidays 4. future promotions 5. any other information you believe relevent.

if this is not possible please could you direct me to a web site where i may find the above information.

thank you for your time joanna jarivs

-- joanna jarvis (jmj298@soton.ac.uk), October 23, 1998


Call me and we can talk or e-mail me: steveed@okway.okstate.edu 405-744-7476

-- Steve Edwards (steveed@okway.okstate.edu), October 28, 1998.

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