What about Sport Psychology and competing horses on an international level?

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I compete horses on an international level (in Dressage)and I have not heard anything about any research in this area. I was wondering if there is any research, and if there is, how to get involved in finding out what is going on. I am working on an undergrad degree in Kinesiology. Thank you!

-- Nell Slack (slackn@colorado.edu), October 28, 1998


Nell, No answer I'm afraid. I looked around a while ago and couldn't find anything. I became interested in this a few years ago after spending some time working with an 3 day event rider. My only suggestion is to look up Lisa Stevens in Australia. She is a sport psych and a past member of the Australian Equestrian Team. I think I have her details somewhere if you would like them drop me an email and I'll dig them up. Cheers adam

-- adam hall (a.hall2@pgrad.unimelb.edu.au), July 05, 1999.

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