I am investigating the emotional response to severe injury in athletes who are undergoing rehabilitation.

My hypothesis is, "athletes who respond positively to their injury (showing a positive mental health profile) will exhibit a positve emotional profile. Further, atheltes who perceive they are rehabilitating affectively will respond positively to the injury process.

If anyone could shed some light on this research area, or wants to check out my practical research project so far, that'll be great.

Just an add-on. I need some info on a good sports psych MA College in the states. Preferably one that allows me ties with a sports injury clinic.



-- Brendan McInerney (, October 30, 1998


Dear Bren, There is much research regarding the psychological aspects of injury and rehab. You may want to start with the journal: THE SPORT PSYCHOLOGIST. In terms of sports medicine clinics utilizing sports psych. for rehab.; Before you get too invested, you may want to check the latest trends in managed care programs and insurance plans. (or the lack of). For the most part, the psychological aspects of sports injury rehab. is not exactly a high priority with insurance companies. To date, data is being evaluated by payors to justify payment for routine psychological services for inury rehab. but until the need is established in terms of ($), good luck. MA degree-Try Springfield College in Springfield Ma.

Been there done that-Good luck! Edd

-- Edd L. Wilbanks, Jr., Ed.D. (, October 30, 1998.

Dear Bren, Unfortunatly, I do not know much about the psychology of sports injuries yet, but I am studing. I have a project to do for my thesis on the psychology of injury in sport. I realise that this may not be your exact field of study, but I am sure you know more about it than I do. So, really if you could help me in any way possible I would be very grateful. Any appropriate info. would be great. Sir, I thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon. kindest regaurds, Steve.

-- stephen Thompson (, December 08, 1998.

I don't have research other than experience. I am a college junior and I just underwent my second knee surgery. I high school I partially tore my ACL and also my miniscus. I was burned out at the time, playing on three soccer teams and two softball teams. I was grateful for the break. Once I attended games and tournaments on crutches, I was eager to return. I regained my love for the sport. I went through 12 weeks of rehab. I feel that I was slowed by my brace but I became a better technical player. I was also stronger than ever from the rehab. Overall it was a positive experience for me. This recent surgery has caused me to doubt my return to full strength. I am eager to start rehab to dispell these fears.

On another note, a good friend of mine tore his ACL and had complete reconstruction in his freshman year of high school. He returned to soccer only to tear his ACL in his other knee. Again he tried to return but upon graduation he decided that continuing to playing is just not worth it. He still has not had the staple removed from his second operation because he does not want to spend anymore time recuperating from the same old injury.

I hope this helps you in some way. If you need more info on either myself or my friend please feel free to email me.

-- Theresa Rosbert (, January 15, 1999.

I also just speak from experience. I have never had any major injuries throughout my life until April of '99. I am a softball player in college and in my junior year. I tore my ACL in April. I had some complications with my surgery so I had to do 7 hard months of rehab. I was just released to play about 3 weeks ago and I have been actively apart of my team's practice schedule. During my rehab I saw progress and I kept a positive outlook on it. I figured that God had a plan for me through this somehow. Still, I went through a tough time emotionally. I only cried once in rehab due to physical pain, but I cried myself to sleep almost every night because of emotional pain. I love the game of softball so much and I know that I only have 2 more years to play competitively. I was an emotional wreck. My friends and family were who I relied on throughout the whole process. I am grateful to them, but it was and still is a long road ahead of me. I hope this is of some help to your research.

Sincerely, Michelle Johnson

-- Michelle Johnson (, February 07, 2000.

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