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The Canopus system is twice as costly as the others, but I could save that much by building my PC. What I need to know is, assuming everything is configured properly, which system is most trouble free. I could accept fewer features to gain reliability. Would really appreciate detailed evaluations (although Edit and Premiere have been out only a short time). Also, if you prefer one over the others, are there some limitations to your choice which present problems to you.

Thanks from La Jolla, Ca.

Ed Sweed

-- Edward Sweed (, November 01, 1998



Well, as a new DVRex 2.0 (mow with transitions and titles owner I can tell you that this is one truly amazing card (and company). I reccomend the Spectra 2500 graphics card as well. I look forward to version 3.0 of Rexedit which will have plug-in ability and more features (transitions and keying hopefully). RexEdit is faster (rendering times) and easier (by far) than Premiere or M.S.P. 5 (which I have as well). Canopus has great code writers and it shows.


-- Chris Baker (, November 01, 1998.

I have been using the EditDV system for about one year on a MAC and I have completely given up using premiere. It is stable, powerful and offers features very close to an avid sytem for less than $1000(editdv, motodv, photo dv package) I'd give serious consideration. good luck

-- logan Stevenson (, November 07, 1998.

I'd agree with the other Edit DV user -- Edit DV 1.5 is one exceptional program. I've been using it on my Mac -- just bought it recently -- and have been blown away by all it can do, considering it was one of the less costly options. (Not only that, but the people at Radius are very quick to respond to any and all questions/concerns. Not every company is like that -- they really believe in their product and are out to make it work.)

-- Kelly Copper (, December 07, 1998.


I am in the process of investigating DV editing solutions, and from what I've heard so far EditDv is a solid product, while Premiere 5.1 is a nightmare. (This is all on the Mac side so it may not be relevant, however). Go to the Adobe User Forum for premiere at the adobe site to hear all the complaints... Also if you haven't purchased your video pc yet, you may want to look hard at a mac, much less trouble & it was designed for media & graphics work. Good Luck, Brian

-- Brian R. Amrhein (, January 05, 1999.

I like edit DV. It's cheap. had no problems. the tech people are very helpful.

-- ron hansing (, January 05, 1999.

If you want stability on a PC, the Rex is definitely the way to go. Nothing comes close. The rexedit software is simple and very fast. The new drivers for Premiere are stable and will allow you to do just about anything you want. Now you can get the Rex bundled with Premiere 5.1 and Boris F/x.

-- Jim Bridge (, May 05, 1999.

Premiere doesn't support non-square pixels yet. Bottom line for me -- I won't go with Premier until it does because the quality will be inferior. I have also heard Premier is a nightmare to use regardless of platform.

I am also investigating putting together a DV editing system -- have heard good things about Canopus -- but you should realize that going duel stream requires faster and more expensive drives which add to the cost of the system.

Was very impressed with the EditDV people at the DV Expo -- check out verson 2.0 for Windows -- supports multiprocessor systems which are faster and much lower priced than similar 1 processor G4 systems from Apple.

Check out Final Cut Pro on a G4 also. It is a wonderful program -- but again, more expensive th

-- Matthew Rockwood (, December 05, 1999.

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