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I'm trying to start an Undergraduate Film Workshop- a series of focused meetings, held throughout each quarter, at which undergrads can discuss, present and learn about any aspect of film they are interested in. What topics we discuss will depend on the interest of those involved. The first meeting will be Friday, Nov. 7 in Room 2, (next to Annenberg Auditorium) of the Cummings Art building. Come with ideas about what you'd like to know or present about film production, theory, criticism, filmmakers...whatever.

-- Beth Helen Robinowitz (bethr@stanford.edu), November 02, 1998


As a suggestion for a possible event dealing with history and criticism of film, (for the undergraduate Workshop) Id suggest showing (and I have a copy) some or all of Scorsese's documentary on American Film. Its basically 4 hours of him talking about the history of film in America interspersed with clips from the films. His focus is more on lesser known films and directors such as Walsh, Fuller, Ray, Lupino, and Minelli among others. He also speaks alot about the relationship between the director and the old studio system and how things changed when the studio system fell. Scorsese's passion for film is quite evident is his narration, and his knowlege of film is really equally impressive. After watching this I wanted to run out and rent about 100 different films that he mentioned. It is quite long, though, so maybe I could just show one or two of the three tapes if anyone is interested.

-- Scott Sharpe (scotch@loki.stanford.edu), November 10, 1998.

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