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I have the newest AVID NT Media Composer. Edit your digital films in it with 16x9 capabilities and monitors. Use what Hollywood uses at a cheaper price.....write back for more info at

-- Danny Rodriguez (, November 02, 1998


Oh posh. Give me a Digisuite system with Speed Razor any day :-) And yes, I have such a system for post work, and admit a strong bias.

Actually, on the topic of Avids, when I was setting up an editing system I continued to be amazed at what Avid charges for their systems. I mean, I know name and interface recognition is nice, but really. It's a good lesson in the power of marketing.

-- John

-- John Windmueller (, November 14, 1998.

Digisuite's the bomb. I'm looking to get the new digi-suite DTV for Dv codecs and mpeg-2 encoding.

Why is it that a lot of Avid editors can't use anything else? They only know one thing and that's it. same for die hard Mac people. I use both mac and pc, but mac only people don't seem to get that there is another computer out there. I don't get it.

-- Thomas Koch (, May 20, 1999.

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