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Can't verify any Y2K problems but here are hard facts from the preparation side of things: Back to Basics 800-688-1989 sells a nifty hand grain grinder $70-$80 (and a steam canner that works great-much less fuel required for heating). They are back ordered by 12,000 units though some units are do to arrive soon. The factory they contract with in Taiwan has doubled their production but will only be able to produce 100,000 units in 1999. The Miracle Exclusives Co.800-645-6360 is an importer of many models of electric and manual grinders (and other useful tools). They may be the biggest company of its kind- anyway, at the present moment they don't have one manual grinder in stock! They have a german model arriving this week- expensive but well designed. The Katadyne Co. makes the best hand water filter on the market. They have a million dollar back order with the parent company in Switzerland. So don't propcrastinate, folks! Send an e-mail to for tips on food storage.

-- skipper clark (, November 03, 1998


check also at sites/stores that sell these items, as well as the manufacturer;, for example, sells water filters (Katadyn and Pur) at reasonable prices, and a lot of other equipment geared toward camping/survival and emergency preparedness.

-- Karen Cook (, November 03, 1998.

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