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I'm seeking to build a relationship with a skilled editor for my forthcoming feature. If you are interested and in the LA area, I'd like to hear from you.

-Maxie Collier

-- Maxie Collier (dvfilmmaker@hotmail.com), November 03, 1998


I'm not in the LA area but an experienced writer/producer/director/editor. Have Avid Media COmposer 8000 and Panasonic Postbox experience... drop me a line

-- Chad Denning (LONO915@aol.com), November 05, 1998.

I'm in LA (Glendale) and have EditDV and 18 years experience. Drop me a line. Ray

-- Ray Bright (Rbright3@ix.netcom.com), December 10, 1998.

My brother lives in Hollywood and is my contact on the west coast. He has an office in Burbank on the Warner Bros. lot. I edit with Final Cut Pro and a few other goodies. I can make video look just like film. Drop me a line. Brian Meade

-- Brian Meade (brianmeade@yahoo.com), June 05, 1999.

Hi Maxie, remember me? Drop me a line sometime........


-- Matt Gottshalk (mattg@erols.com), June 08, 1999.

July 14, 1999

Dear Sir:

I recently read about your production on dvfilmmaker.com. For the past two years, Digital Media has been providing free postproduction to low and medium budget filmmakers from around the world via the Filmcamp program. I am writing to give you more information about this unique program.

Filmcamp costs filmmakers nothing. They receive free postproduction on state of the art Avid Media Composers. Digital Media also provides a full staff, including a supervising editor. These editors have worked for larger well known entities, including Warner Bros., Lightstorm Entertainment (James Cameron's production co.), and Roger Corman.

Whats the catch? Postproduction is subsidized through the tuition of participating student editors, who take part in editing the film under the supervision of our experienced professionals. In return the filmmaker receives up to 45 hours per day of free post.

You can also refer to our website at www.filmcamp.com, and of course, call me directly at 503.297.2324 if you have any questions.

Sincerely, Wendy Gregory Director of Acquisitions Editor

-- wendy gregory (wendygregory@hotmail.com), July 14, 1999.

I hate this business!

-- bob toner (bob@hotmail.com), July 24, 1999.

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