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Recently I have encountered Professional trainers who preach and implent on their clinets not to particpate in the cool down process. I would be intersted in information, research, and/or to seek information to support and stress the importance of cool downs?


-- felipe vasquez (, November 05, 1998


I live in Britain, and i am currently studying A - levels at my local sixth form. Within my Sports Studies course i have completed a research topic into whether a cool down is necessary for 400 metre athletes post activity. In my results i found that a cool down is vitally essential for a 400 metre athlete but i also found that coaches and supposed specialists on sport don't always specifically identify with the importance of a cool down. This year i am researching into whether others believe that a cool down is important for sport generally. If you wish i will send you my results, in the mean time if you have made any advances into your subject please e- mail to let me know because it would aid me in my research topic.

Thanxs Michelle

-- Michelle Osborne (, August 01, 2000.

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