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I have recently purchased your Logos Scholar's Library. But "Abridged Hebrew Lexicon" and "A Hebrew Grammar", Aramaic etc. don't come out in the Tools Librarian List, while "BHS Hebrew Text and Morphology" have been copied for use into my hard drive. All these must be included in the Hebrew Core Collection. I have tried from CD-Rom Vol.1 to Vol.3. Neither can I find those titles in the unlock book list. Will you please give me some advice about this probelm?

-- Motohiro Kisaichi (kisaichi@skyblue.ocn.ne.jp/), November 06, 1998



Can't claim to be an expert here, my job is selling the software. As the forum becomes more active, there will hopefully be more around to answer these type questions. If my answer doesn't help, try contacting logos tech support.

All the books you are looking for are on the Scholar's Library CD. It is a special CD with all the books from the Scholar's Library. They did this so you wouldn't have to switch CD's back & forth.

If you have room why don't you try copying those books you want from the Scholar's Library CD to your hard drive. Follow the directions in your manual, or below is info on how to do it. Let me know if this works:

Moving Books to the Hard Drive with Logos 2.0

This process does not physically move the books off the CDROM; in essence, they are copied from the CDROM to the hard drive. You can move the entire collection of books purchased or just those that are most often used. The only limitation to the number of books moved, is the size of your hard drive. The Logos Title Librarian feature is designed to copy or move the books to your desired location on the hard drive.

1.Create a directory on your hard drive where you would like to move the books, preferably, (C:\LOGOS20\BOOKS). If C:\LOGOS20\BOOKS directory/folder already exist, you're OK.

2.Start Logos 2.0. 3.Click on the "Tools" menu within the logos program, and then on "Librarian".

4.Be sure that both the Books and Indices boxes are checked. 5.Hold down the "Ctrl"(Control) key on the keyboard and click on the book titles you desire to move to the hard drive. (NOTE: You will see a running total of the bytes selected in the Title Librarian dialog box. Before moving books to your hard drive, ensure you have the disk space available to move the total bytes selected.) 6.Once the desired books are selected, click on the "Copy" button. 7.Double click on the "books" directory that appears in the resulting Librarian -- Copy dialog box, then click OK. 8.Title Librarian will now move the selected books to the hard drive. 9.Restart Logos when prompted.

-- Barry Steinman (barry@discountchristian.com), November 06, 1998.

I am curious Motohiro, do you also own the Hebrew Core collection?

Are you only using the "Scholar's Library CD"? All of the works you are asking about are "ALL" included on that particular CD. You do not need to use Vol. 1 through 3. The "Abridged Hebrew Lexicon" and "A Hebrew Grammar", Aramaic etc. are all on the Vol. 4 CD as well, but you don't need the Vol. 4 CD, everything you need is on the Scholar's Library CD.

By the way, once a book has been "copied" to the hard drive, it will always show up in the Librarian no matter what CD you have opened Logos up with. Also remember that when you put in another CD, you must restart Logos. The easiest fastest way to do that is go to the "File" menu and go to "Restart with New CD".

If you wanted to buy/unlock more books that were to only be found on the Vol.4 CD, then it might be advantagious to have the Vol. 4 CD. Call 1-800-875-6467 for unlocks, and do not forget to use your Library card # which is LR-04314.

I hope this has answered your question.

Happy studying

-- David Kaplan (dkaplan@logos.com), November 07, 1998.

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