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My name is Ryan Visser and I am a graduate student (in Student Affairs) at Clemson University. I swam for four years at William and mary and then went to the College of Charleston to coach for two years. Currently, I am taking a development class and because of my background, I would like to do a NCAA sports related topic for an upcoming term paper. Specifically, the problem with the university, booster clubs and coaches that "baby" their athletes. By this I am not just talking about money and "fame" but also basic developmental issues such as establishing their own identity or being able to do things for themselves. My problem is I do not know if there is any published information on this or where to find it. I am hoping somebody out there might be able to point me in the right direction. Anybody? I would appreciate it!!

Please email me!!

Thank you, Ryan

-- Ryan Visser (, November 06, 1998

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