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I have Quickverse. Call me stupid but I have had trouble understanding how to use the product. What I need is a workbook that takes a person step by step in a study situation. Maybe they have something like Quickverse for Idiots. ha! ha!

-- Charles David Immekus (, November 07, 1998



I have written out simple instructions before. I will look for them and see if I can help you. It may be a day before I can get them.


-- John M. O'Malley (, November 08, 1998.

Charles, Besides the manual that came with the product, which is not very detailed, there is one website you might want to try.

Parsons publishes an online newsletter called Chapter and Verse, that provides some great beginner's basic articles. The most recent newsletter is on QuickVerse 5, but they have a link to older issues.

I would start at the beginning and it will show you how to do basic and more complex searches ect. The link is:

If you have specific questions, you are welcome to ask them and I will attempt to assist you . I hope this helps.

-- John Fidel (, November 08, 1998.

I won't take you up on your offer to call you stupid, but I do have a suggestion. The online help in QV4 contains LOTS more information than the getting started guide that ships with the program.

In general with all new programs these days you have to rely on the online help. You can get there with F1 or the question mark icon or the Help menu.

-- Craig Formerly VP Church Software, Parsons Technology

-- Craig Rairdin (, February 01, 1999.

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