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I recently purchased the Master Christian Library Version 5, After installing it, I noticed that whenever I am web browsing and an Adobe Acrobat file is available it will always open it and display it immediately rather than asking me if I want to download the .PDF file to my hard disk as it used to (I had an older version of the reader). How do I get it to download the .PDF files once more ?? I am using Internet Explorer 4.0

-- Raymond Petersen (, November 07, 1998



I am not an expert on this stuff. I sell software, I am not tech support. But it sounds to me that all you would have to do would be to save the file that comes up in the browser, and it should come up save as, and save as source I believe. I mostly use mac for internet and netscape so I don't know if I have the proper terms, but internet explorer must have something under a file menu for saving the page that comes up?????

-- Barry Steinman (, November 07, 1998.

I think what is happening is Netscape loads Acrobat as a plugin. You should be able to change that. In Netscape chosse the Options menu>General Prefs>Helpers tab>, there is a list of apps that Nscape can use. Look for Applications/pdf. Click it and then choose Save to Disk option.

hope this helps,

-- Richard Hendrix (, November 10, 1998.

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