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I am not positive where we will be meeting on Friday so keep reading my e-mails. The following is a Rough Schedule for the rest of the quarter. This week Alejandra and Matthew will be putting together a presentation most likely about Ingmar Bergman and consisting of biographical information, watching one of his films and discussion of his work. Next week, I would like to show films done by students in the workshop. If you have made a film, are willing to show it, and have it available in video format then let me know. I think periodic screenings of student films will help us all learn and will perhaps give us an idea of how the workshop is impacting stanford filmmakers' growth. On Dec. 4 it looks like our token grad student, Scott, will be showing parts of a great documentary on the history of American Film called A Personal Journey with Martn Scorsese Through American Movies. This documentary introduces the viewer to a rich tapestry of american film that is often overlooked and has helped contribute to Scott's seemingly infinite knowledge of film. That's all for this quarter, but the rest of the year is wide open. Scott Bukatman and Henry Breitrose have both agreed to present next quarter and hopefully we will get some students and profs from the grad documentary film and video program to present also. Please let me know which Friday YOU want to present on and what you will be presenting. If you have an idea for a local field trip, I have a car and I know others do as well.

-- beth helen robinowitz (, November 10, 1998


i think it would be great to schedule the ugrad film workshops on alternate weeks with the graduate film workshop. that would certainly make it easier for some professors in the workshop to present if asked, and those of us who may want to attend both workshops then could. i know that scott (bukatman) would also like to organize some joint events, which could fall on either week. hopefully, a rough schedule for next quarter could be worked out in decem

-- jonathan levitt (, November 26, 1998.

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