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First of all I would like to say thanks to all you great people who respond with good information to my questions. I do appreciate you all.

I am looking to purchase a hand cranked grain mill and see Lehmans sells two. One is with cast iron stone burrs and the other more expensive of what I can't remember. Anyway, does anyone have recommendations for the best way to go? Thanks Mary

-- Mary Howe (, November 13, 1998



Homestead products has done a lot of research on grain mills. They carry two, which are both very good mills --

Family Grain Mill

Country Living Mill

I've read their tests on other mills.....unfortunately after I bought (I bought one they didn't recommend, and soon found out why). They seem fair in their appraisal. It would be good to read their mill information before you order, no matter who you order from.

I think both mills are carried in Lehmans as well. You might wnat to check both sources, for the last time I looked Homestead was less expensive.

Homestead is at:

-- rocky (, November 13, 1998.

Rocky, you're a prince.

I looked at Lehman's web page, they don't list the "Country Living" model.

Three cheers for credit cards, excuse the expression.

-- Tom Carey (, November 13, 1998.

hey guys, I was at Lehman's several weeks ago and they were backordered on food grain mills until March. I watched the last 2 cast iron's one's go while I was there. Hope the other place isn't backlogged too. There were alot of people there just because of y2k. DAC

-- deborah cunningham (, November 13, 1998.


Mary, get a paper catalog from Lehman's, it's HUGE compared to the site.

We ordered a Country Living mill from "Y2K Supplies" in September, and we still don't have it. When I first asked for a status, I got an immediate response that they were back-ordered and would be sending it in a few weeks. A week ago I sent another e-mail asking for updates, no response, nor to the last two sent. They billed our card at the time we ordered it!!! and we haven't seen a credit yet.

We are now seeking a Family Grain Mill.... no luck yet. I will let you all know when & where I find one.

-- Arewyn (, November 14, 1998.

Arewyn (and all)- the reason that you haven't received your country living grain mill yet is that the factory itself is having problems (unspecified) so all companies are backordered 10-12 weeks at this point. It is supposed to get fixed in the near future, but that won't help you. However, since you ordered almost 3 months ago, i wouldn't worry too much, or go and order the other mill unless you haven't received it by january/february. I'm planning to order one myself in the next week or two-found one going for 300.00, which is a great price! I found all this out by e mailing the company direct. They seem to be quite sincere, and e mailed back with this info quickly.

-- Damian Solorzano (, November 14, 1998.

We ordered our Country Living grain mill last week after looking all over for a grain mill. Lehman's, who has many in their catalogue only had one brand in stock. In fact we found just phoning Lehman's to be difficult(and we've bought plenty from them in the past). Their phone message said that they are extremely busy because they sell many non-electric appliances and there has been a huge increase in business due to Y2K.

Right now Country Living grain mills are all backordered for about 12 weeks. We tried 4 different places and they all said the same thing. They aren't even selling the replacement burrs because they are all being used in production. I can't help but wonder if the folks buying these things even have or grow the grain??

It is becoming difficult to find tools for self sufficiency. And they wonder if there will be a run on the banks? Just ask Lehmans!!

-- (, November 14, 1998.

We ordered our Country Living Grain Mill the last week of August and it was due the week of Nov 9 (maybe tomorrow?!?) Anyhow the Ph# is 360-652-0671 and it is a family operation. The address is 14727 56th Ave NW Stanwood WA 98292. Folks there are very nice and very busy! I'll let you know how it works when it comes (the spelt berries are waiting!) Oh yes, I am getting discounts from health food stores if I buy in case lot or by the sack (25# bag/wheat)Just ask and it is generally 10 to 15% disc. Diana

-- Diana (, November 15, 1998.

Check out The Millennium Mill. A hand-powered, stone-grinding mill for grains and dried seeds.8-cup hopper. Adjustable grind. Will also grind larger seeds, dried beans and peas. Moving parts are all steel, no castings. Body is birch plywood, butt-jointed, on an oak base. All wooden parts easy to replace if damaged, all fastener hardware standard bolts and screws. No glued joints. The flywheel rim is grooved for optional use with a v-belt and motor drive. Also considerably cheaper than the Country Living Mill.

I ordered one with promise of delivery in 2 weeks.

-- Tom Carey (, November 20, 1998.

We bought a"Family Grain Mill", German made, from Homestead products. Very satisfied, used it at least once a week for practice, for last month. Cost $126.00 now. (was $120. changed Nov. 1st.) Only had to wait four days. Amazed!

-- Charon (, November 20, 1998.

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