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Hi all!

I'm am trying to find a NLE system that will capture, edit and output in 16:9 format. I noticed in another post that AVID apparently does...are there any other(cheaper) alternatives ?

BTW, I would be interested in hearing from anyone else interested in DV Filmmaking from Brisbane, Australia.


Steve O'Sullivan

-- Stephen O'Sullivan (sosvideo@powerup.com.au), November 15, 1998


I just got dv firewire board from radius for 500 hundred bucks. It can capture and out put in both aspect ratios. At least it says it can. I have not tried it.

-- Edward Seaton (visionfx@xsite.net), November 25, 1998.

The Radius NLE system versions 1.0 and 1.5 support 16:9 video editing. The video must have been shot in 16:9 to edit in this format and output. I tried to convert 4:3 to 16:9 and it doesn't work. The Radius system is fantastic and mine is available for rental.

-- Tony Sehgal (film.video@cwix.com), December 08, 1998.

You can turn 16:9 to 4:3 and back in EditDV. It takes a while, though, and a lot of hard drive space. But it's not difficult.

The trick is to use the PIP filter to crop your material.

For example, take the letterboxing case. You take your 16:9 material into a 4:3 EditDV project. You then put a PIP filter set to scale the vertical size of the 16x9 clips down to 356. Set the vertical position to 62 to center it.

If you don't want to letterbox, you can set up a Pan 'n' Scan: PIP filter with crop size set to 540x480. You can animate the crop's horizontal position over the course of the video for pan 'n' scan effects.

There are converse settings for going from 4:3 to 16:9, too. We talk about a lot of stuff like this on the EditDV list. Go to http:// www.radius.com/Subscribe/editdvlistserv.html for details about how to subscribe. (You have to subscribe to post.)

--Mike Jennings --Radius Digital Video Team

-- Mike Jennings (jennings@radius.com), December 15, 1998.

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