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Hello everyone

I am organizing a festival that will showcase the films made by now-famous directors when they were students. My aim is to show what such talented directors were able to accomplish on a limited budget and with minimal prior experience in film. Often, an embryonic version of the director's style shows up in these early works.

I would like someone to speak about each director's career and how their more recent works might have in common with their student film.

It is very difficult to obtain the original student films, but I have found many through the USC archive and LeVideo (a comprehensive video store in San Francisco). So far, I have "THX-1138" (1969 student version, not the feature length one) by George Lucas "It's not just you, Murray" by Martin Scorsese "Field of Honor" by Robert Zemeckis

I would really like to find "Last Day in Vietnam" by Oliver Stone and "Amblin'" by Steven Spielberg, but have been unsuccessful.

If you are interested in speaking about a particular director, please contact me! I am also looking for one or two more student films to show, preferably less than 30 minutes in length. - Matt Bell

-- Matt Bell (, November 17, 1998

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