I need $500,000.00 worth of dehydrated food in the next 30 days!

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I am looking to buy $500,000.00 worth of high quality dehydrated food direct from a manufacturer. Can any one help?



-- Dale Vaughn (dalevaughn@lycosmail.com), November 19, 1998


Sure, I make MREs. One for $300,000 but we do a special deal where you get two for only $500,000. Interested?


-- Leo (leo_champion@hotmail.com), November 19, 1998.

I can't help you but I would like to know why it is you need such a huge amount in the next 30 days...

Mike =====================================================================

-- Michael Taylor (mtdesign3@aol.com), November 19, 1998.

Ah, the pungent smell of Capitalism at work. Nothing like a super-heated calamity to make some greenbacks.

Now, why are the majority of people still skeptical about this whole Y2K issue?

-- Ted Markow (tmarkow@agate.net), November 19, 1998.

Ted, if you've been lurking here for very long, you have seen lots of ploys by companies selling food. They will pretend to be customers among other things. Then they will come back with THE ANSWER TO ALL OF YOUR FOOD PROBLEMS. There are so many advertisements for food companies on almost every site, it is truly unnecessary for anyone to "advertise" that they "need" food. $500,000.00 is more extreme than I've seen yet, but maybe the "sponsor" will come back with a less expensive "deal" that you just can't pass up??

-- Gayla Dunbar (privacy@please.com), November 19, 1998.

Ok, I just need a 33% deposit.

-- Arthur Rambo (buriedtreasure@webtv.net), November 19, 1998.

OK, I just need a 1/3 deposit.

-- Arthur Rambo (buriedtreasure@webtv.net), November 19, 1998.

Dang computers!

Dang computers!

-- Arthur Rambo (buriedtreasure@webtv.net), November 19, 1998.

I happen to have a surplus at the moment, since there seem to be a turn around in the choice of foods survivalists decide to buy. Seems they're going more for the canned goods now. I'll take a 25% deposit.

Lets email and do business!

-- Chris (Kenelfoods@dogeatdog.com), November 19, 1998.

OK,I'll take a 20% deposit!

-- Arthur Rambo (Buriedteasure@webtv.net), November 19, 1998.

I'll take 10%!

-- Chris (kenelfoods@dogeatdog.com), November 20, 1998.

Quiet, don't tell anybody I told you this. It's a secret.

((Hint: To you two guys who are bidding against each other.

You're supposed to be increasing the buyer's price, not decreasing the commission. ))

Okay, now you can start bidding again.

-- Robert A. Cook, P.E. (Kennesaw, GA) (cook.r@csaatl.com), November 20, 1998.

And risk losing an easy $50k?! I'll keep lowering the deposit required 'till he gives in! Heck I'll take 1% right now!

-- Chris (kennelfoods@dogeatdog.com), November 20, 1998.

Chris, don't forget traveling expenses.

-- Arthur Rambo (buriedtreasure@webtv.net), November 20, 1998.

This $500,000 worth of food just about makes me sick. We get 10 more of you and we have a stampede on Costco. On the other hand, perhaps I am wrong and you want to personally store this food to give it away to your community when needed. If so, I applaud you.

-- Rick Reilly (rreilly@shaw.wave.ca), November 26, 1998.

uhh, Dale , do you want to tell us where to ship it to?

-- Sue (deco100@aol.com), November 26, 1998.

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