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Here is his latest. If you don't know where to go or who Hamasaki is scroll up to Leo's post on Cory.

Also don't forget Yardeni will have an all day conference on audio live on Friday. Go to click on action day for the schedule.

-- BBrown (, November 25, 1998


Cory Hamasaki's Page

-- Buddy (DC) (, November 25, 1998.

Actually, Cory doesnt update his own site that often...WRP #102 is found here:

Cory Hamasaki's Page

-- a (a@a.a), November 25, 1998.

Cory says Honolulu will have electricity. Did he stop and think about that chain of oil tankers stretching across the Pacific, fueling daily the several generating plants?

-- Mitchell Barnes (, November 26, 1998.

The following is from the Cassandra site (

When the Hawaiian Electric utility in Honolulu ran tests on its system to see if it would be affected by the Y2K Bug, "basically, it just stopped working," says systems analyst, Wendell Ito. If the problem had gone unaddressed, not only would some customers have potentially lost power, but others could have got their juice at a higher frequency, in which case, "the clocks would go faster, and some things could blow up," explains Ito.

-- Rob Michaels (, November 26, 1998.

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