Where to buy bulk dry beans? And wheat?

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My local Sam's club does not sell dry beans of any kind. I have no idea where to buy them. Do any of you have suggestions? I can pack them properly in my own buckets with mylar bags, just need the beans.

Also, where else besides Walton's Feed can I buy wheat? I don't have 6mts. to wait for them to deliver an order. Thanks Mary

-- Mary Howe (doesnotmatter@thistime.com), November 28, 1998


Health food stores will have them.

-- Diane J. Squire (sacredspaces@yahoo.com), November 28, 1998.

So does every grocery store that I have been in.

I picked up two 25 lb sacks at our local store last night. (After reading InfoMagic II)


-- sweetolebob (buffgun@hotmail.com), November 28, 1998.

if you're interested in 'bulk' quantities (several thousand lbs) try Wheat Montana 800-535-2798 or Mercantil Food Company 518-672-0190 (all organic) for beans and lots of other grains.

-- Louis Navarro (lanny1@ix.netcom.com), November 28, 1998.

for bulk purchases you might also try


I have no connection with them, financial or otherwise, just like their attitude.

Arlin Adams

-- Arlin H. Adams (ahadams@ix.netcom.com), November 28, 1998.

You should be able to buy 25 lb sacks of pinto beans at a bulk food store, like Costco. Even ask your regular grocery store manager...they can probably order for you. Don't forget the rice. Beans and rice are one of the "complementary proteins," in which the proteins from each combine to make a complete protein. For wheat, based on what a wheat producer said on another board, I bought wheat from the local feed store. See if you can find "recleaned" wheat. Make sure it is in a sack with a label, By law, if the seed, wheat or corn has been treated with chemicals, the label must say so. Otherwise, if you can feed it to animals you can eat it youself. Bob's Red Mill in Oregon (503) 654 3215 has lots of different grains. Don't forget the soy beans!

You should consider storing these foods by packing them in air tight containers and putting nitrogen gas into the container. We did our wheat in new 4 liter wine jugs ($1.25 each) and then pumped nitrogen gas into the jug. Hope this helps. Mary.

-- Mary Gonzales (blufrogg@garlic.com), November 29, 1998.

Last week a local "Farmers' Market" had 25# sacks of Lundberg's shortgrain brown rice for under $15.00. Most of the stock there is selected for shoppers from Asian countries. Countless bags of rice and other grains from India. This area (Atlanta metro) is quite heterogeneous as to countries of origin.

Arlin -- that "thesetimes" site is really solid-- thanks!

-- Tom Carey (tomcarey@mindspring.com), November 29, 1998.

In the area I live in (north of Seattle, WA) there are two places I can go get bulk beans and rice; one is called "Cash 'n Carry" and caters primarily to the restaurant trade; no personal checks, but credit cards and cash are taken cheerfully. Great place to get bulk spices, paper goods, beans, rice, baking mixes, etc.

Another place I can avail myself of is a local organic food/milling company that carries a lot of vegetarian and organic items.

Check to see if you have similar places locally.

-- Karen Cook (browsercat@hotmail.com), November 30, 1998.

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