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I found a Brownie Junior Six-16 in my grandmothers attic I cant find it on any list. Is it worth anything. Does anybody have any info on it. Thank You Bruce Remer

-- Bruce Remer (, December 05, 1998


Yah i have the six-16 in a box, manual, and perfect working condition. Nobody gives anything for them especially on ebay they only sell for like 8$.

-- Rj (, December 01, 2002.

EK website

To find out more about your camera, go to the Eastman Kodak website. They have a list of all older cameras, and the Brownie Junior Six-16 is in there from the early 1930's. If it is in the box and works it is worth a lot, if not depends on the mood of the buyer. Good luck.

-- jt (, February 28, 2001.

The name may be backwards!

Hi Bruce,

Some times the names of Brownies are very similar but are different cameras. If yours has a geometric ArtDeco front then I believe yours is really called "Six-16 Brownie Junior" and there is a listing for it on this web site under "List and Descriptions" on the first page. There is a Brownie Junior Six-20 but no .......Six-16. It's also interesting that there is a Six-20 Brownie Junior and a Six-16......

Take Care,

Chuck Baker

-- Chuck (, December 06, 1998.

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