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Take a moment to read the "Ice Storm" article in this issue of HomePower magazine (www.homepower.com). You can download a .PDF file with the article from their web page. Choose the 'pages 33-56' segment.

This isn't _all_ applicable to Y2K but it does point out some winter weather problems that might have to be handled...


-- jd (hemwat@bellsouth.net), December 07, 1998



This file gives some very good insight into what can happen in a *storm*. After you choose the 'pages 33-56' segment, I would recommend viewing/printing .PDF file pages 10 thru 14 (article pages 42 thru 46).

Notice how much help Adam & Shauna got from outsiders to get themselves up and running? Oh, that we could be that fortunate at the '11th hour' of Y2K! This would make good Paul Revere stuff.

-- Bob Walton (waltonb@kdsi.net), December 07, 1998.

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