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Hard Red Spring Wheat: Triple cleaned (cleaner than most food grade wheat), better than 99.9 percent purity. Less than 12 percent moisture content. Bagged in 50 pound bags. Ready for you to grind into flour. Available in 15% protein. To be picked up in Jaffrey NH (south west corner) $14.00 1-9 bags, $13.00 10-19 bags, $12.00 20 plus bags. For 5000 lbs orders we can deliver to your location.

-- Tom Villeneuve (, December 08, 1998


Good Morning Tom

Yes, I would be interested in purchasing wheat. Do you carry any other items? I'm in the Seacoast area and would appreciate any info on your storehouse.


-- Marina George (, December 11, 1998.

Greetings Marina! We do have a web site (under construction) that lists most of the beans that we can get. We are trying to get a feel of what people want and have not chosen to stock up in advance yet as there are so many types of beans. We place the order when we get enough pounds (2000) The delivery time is about two weeks to us. Please let me know what you like. I would like to place the order by end of month.

Tom Villeneuve

-- Tom Villeneuve (, December 14, 1998.

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