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hi. i was lent a copy of the empire builders some time ago, and it immediately became one of favorite plays. lately, a friend and i have thought of staging it at my high school in an all student production. i wanted to know 1. who controls the performance rights to vian's plays and how can i get permission to perform them, and 2. are there any director or author-annotated versions of the play, possibly from the first production, that i could use as a guide to staging it? thanks.

-- Anand Modi (delocke@cyberspace.org), December 10, 1998


here's an email of a theatre director

Anand, This was posted as another question - you might get an answer to your query by writing to Simon Dunmore direct. Good luck. - Rob

From: Simon.Dunmore@btinternet.com 24/11/98 4:41 AM Subject: Boris Vian's plays I am a professional theatre director in the UK and am always looking for interesting new and forgotten plays to stage. I have "The Empire Builders", "The Knacker's ABC" & "The General's Tea Party". (etc)

-- Robert Whyte (rob@toadshow.com.au), December 10, 1998.

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