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Has anyone else ordered the Millennium Victory Garden seed collection from Territorial Seed Company. I understand that it's the best on the market. Can anyone tell me how to contact them for more information? Are they as good as everyone says?

-- Joel (, December 12, 1998


why don't you just order what you need from an heirloom seed company. That way you get just what you need, for the same price or lower. If you need some links e mail me, i'll give you a bunch.

-- Damian Solorzano (, December 13, 1998.

Gee Joel, If you're going to run around playing these games, you need to cover your tracks a little better. The seed company you mention lists a so-called "research director" named Joel Reiten. I'm sure the match with your email address is just a coincidence, right? And someone using your email address just posted the following message under the name "Cory" in the Non-Hybrid gardening forum moderated by Geri Guidetti of the Ark Institute (a FIRST CLASS operation in my experience). Over there you claim you got the catalog from your "seedy" company yesterday and even managed to post their/your website address as well. Guess your memory failed before you posted over here, eh?

Posted by Cody on December 12, 1998 at 22:56:43:

I just got my Territorial Seed Catalog yesterday. They offer a Millennium Victory Garden collection. It's the most complete that i'v seen. It came with great instructions and LOTS of seed. Got mine in three days. A great selection of open pollinated seed. The collection is not on the web site yet but you can order a catalog from the site or order seed.

Territorial Seed Company

All I can say, Joel, is that I feel sorry for anyone trusting their survival on seeds from a company employing such slimeball tactics. May you have all the success you deserve.

Randy Jones Anaheim, CA

-- Randy Jones (, December 13, 1998.

Maybe Joel just needs to raise some seed money... 8-)

-- Kevin (, December 13, 1998.

I guess Joel's post just goes to show .. a lot of low-lifes will be crawling out of the woodwork as the millenium draws nearer. Thanks to Randy for posting this message.


-- Louis Navarro (, December 13, 1998.

thanks to Randy for posting your message. I know that lots of low-lifes will be crawling out from the woodwork as the millenium draws nearer.

BTW, any recommendations for where to acquire non-hybrid seeds for a millenium garden?


-- Louis Navarro (, December 13, 1998.


I just bought a Non-Hybrid seed package from The Ark Institute and was extremely pleased with the people, delivery time, and every aspect of the transaction. Their website is

They seem very interested in your success with the seeds, and included a nice book and other instructions with the kit. They also ask you where you plan to use the seeds, and apparently modify the kit contents somewhat for your local conditions.

Geri Guidetti, the proprietor, is very active in the NonHybrid Gardening forum at

There is lots of interesting discussion over there, you might want to take a look.

Best Wishes Randy Jones Anaheim CA

-- Randy Jones (, December 13, 1998.

I just ordered an heirloom seed catalog from Burpee Seed Company. They have been around for many years and have good service and reasonable prices. Find them at You don't need a company established to prey on concerned people and charge more than market price just because of a Y2k type label.

-- Jagsgang (, December 13, 1998.

Looking thru the Territorial Seed Company site, it's very good to see that they're following in the footsteps of Albert Howard and Robert Rodale on the necessity of humus and a lively biota in the soil for healthy and nutritious plants.

But -- I don't see any statement that the seeds they sell are open-pollinated. Have I missed something?

-- Tom Carey (, December 13, 1998.

I got a huge amount of non-hybrids from Back to Eden, found their stuff to be well-packed, promptly delivered. They also have a nice zone map on the web site. Maybe a little pricey ?


-- runway cat (, December 13, 1998.

I have been a seed catalog-aholic for many years now. The BEST place, in terms of amount of seed for dollars is Wilhite Seed in Texas. Their web page is Next to that, if you want to try special varieties, would be Pinetree. They offer smaller amounts but smaller prices, and you can grow out for seed if it is open pollinated. After that, and maybe the very best if you have cool climate conditions, would be Johnny's, I don't know the web URL, but try www.johnny's;com or Veseys or Stokes. I read the Territorial catalog...I thought their prices were high. I thought the Ark's prices were high, and they don't tell you what you are getting..(Territorial does.) (All America Selections are tested in 57 places throughout the country and if they do well in all areas, they get the All American Selection.) Also, understand that (F-1) is the same as hybrid. The other part of this?...You can have the best seed in the world, but if your soil is not deeply dug, and there is no humus, and you are not prepared for failure or a learning curve, you'd better have some dry beans and rice on hand! Hope this helps. Mary Phillips

-- Mary Phillips (, December 14, 1998.

For seeds, also check out Seeds of Change which has certified organic and heirloom seeds. They have been around for a long time. Their website is at:

-- Jon (, December 15, 1998.

Oops! It is

sorry about that.

One more thing to consider, folks: Don't forget the calorie/protein crops: POTATOES - more protein per space needed to grown than anything else WHEAT - 100 square feet + 10 lbs SOYBEANS - Johnny's has short season varieties FAVA BEANS - almost as much protein as soy, but grow in cool weather.

Mary Phillips

-- Mary Phillips (, December 15, 1998.

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