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It's now quite obvious, to me at least, that the vast majority of DGI's won't have adequate food supplies if the worst should happen.

I'd like to suggest that those of us fortunate enough to have a little extra cash, and the foresight to see what's coming, 'invest' in an appropriate quantity of small bags of rice and beans to help our neighbors.

We've completed most of our preparations. But being the only ones around with food in the yr 2000 - when there could be catastrophic shortages everywhere - isn't a wonderful scenario; even if one is armed to the hilt.

Comments anyone?

-- Louis Navarro (, December 18, 1998


Lou, I think you answered your own question. Most of the people on this fourm are stocking ammo for the don't get its.

-- Jimmy Bagga Doughnuts (, December 18, 1998.

While I do have guns for those that try to STEAL my food, I am also storing extra beans, rice and rolled oats for those that may need fed. It may not be fancy food, but it will keep people from going hungry. I have extra milk goats so I can provide milk for children. It doesn't take much to give others a meal now and again.

-- Just me (, December 18, 1998.

Louis: Consider working with your community leaders and/or church to enlist them in the cause. What we as individuals are able to accomplish is much more limited than what we can do as a charitable group. Comfort, and also safety, in numbers.

-- Rob Michaels (, December 18, 1998.

If you stock enough you could open a store. ;)

-- Paul Davis (, December 18, 1998.

Naw, Jimmy. I think you have that wrong. Most people on this forum would not turn away a friend in need. What these folks are doing is preparing to defend themselves against the ones who won't ask, just attempt to take. This very issue is a grave concern for my Mom and me. We're the only GI's. Large family. Our stocks may not hold up long enough.

-- margie mason (, December 18, 1998.

Just me -- I'm of your mind set, extra rice and beans will be set aside for neighbors, unless our kids come home and then it will be watered down rice and beans and maybe sprouts. Marauders will be shot!

Rob -- my church hasn't done anything yet, but soon as the holidays are past, I'm going to encourage my pastor to call for prayer and fasting in early Jan to see what the Lord shows us to do. We're a small church with limited resources, but I think we could at least have rice, beans and water.

-- Sylvia (in Miss'ippi) (, December 18, 1998.

Let's make sure we have ample supplies for our friends and neighbors who do not understand Y2k.

-- Wesley Mouch (, December 18, 1998.

er, Louis, please explain how a few hundred thousand folks who are preparing (us) - many of us on very limited budgets - are going come up with appropriate quantities of food to feed the other 280+ million folks out there?

just wonderin'

Arlin Adams

-- Arlin H. Adams (, December 18, 1998.

I heard Carla Emery (author of the _Encyclopedia of Country Living_) on the radio a few weeks ago, discussing y2k. She mentioned something to the effect that if eighty percent of the population were "prepared" adequately, they could support the other twenty percent. Since I doubt we'll see even 20% of the population prepared for whatever comes, things don't look good for the DGI masses. There will be a lot of people doing the best they can to help out, but it likely won't be enough. That shouldn't stop anyone from doing the best they can though.

-- nemo... (, December 19, 1998.

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