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What are my options for non-electric refrigeration? Where can I purchase these? What are good websites and book sources? I live in a northeastern city and a springhouse is not an option. Thanks for any help. Beth

-- Beth Southwick (, December 26, 1998


Beth, Here's a good site for most non electric appliances.

You could also check at a local RV supply or dealership.

Non-electric refrigerators are rather expensive per square foot, and you will need a fuel source.

-- S.Rathers (, December 26, 1998.

I will share my secret for getting what you want or need cheap or free. If you want a working gas refrigerator go looking for a really cheap rv or camper that has one and then buy it for much less than what the refrigerator alone would have cost. Sometimes I have seen the whole camper for $50 because of some structural flaw or dry rot, but the stove,propane furnace, hand water pump and gas refrigerator worked fine. I got a nice horizontal shaft 2.5 hp engine for $10 because the nearly new edger it was on "could not be fixed"

-- Ann Fisher (, December 26, 1998.

Lehman's Online Catalog. Propane and kerosene refrigeration etc.

-- flierdude (, December 26, 1998.

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