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Will you please let me know about how much megabites The Anchor Bible Dictinary requires? I have only abut 600mgbites left in the drive in which whole the books of the scholar's library are contained. Of course I can eliminate some of those books in case the dictionary cannot be contained. By the way, have you finished the discount sale of The Anchor Bible? I would be very glad if I can obtain the one at your discount price, 1.e.$179.5.

-- Motohiro Kisaichi (kisaichi@skyblue.ocn.ne.jp), December 29, 1998


Hello Motohiro,

I am using the Logos system with both ABD and the Church Fathers from a laptop. I simply switch CDs when going from one work to another, and it works fine. Your "free space" is nearly as much as my entire Hard Drive, so is space is your only worry, don't let that hold you back.


-- Henry Sturcke (Henry.Sturcke@access.unizh.ch), January 12, 1999.

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