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Does your company have comprehensive testing strategies?

What are your plans for testing? Do you have a documented plan? How do you plan to isolate your testing from your production environment? What is the start date? What is the elapsed time? Are you planning to do an initial test on your remediated application programs, before or after you have migrated/upgraded your hardware and system software? Have your operations/systems management team compared/integrated their test plans with the applications development/testing team? Do you need extra testing capacity? What % of lines of code is in testing? Similar to industry projections, are you anticipating that testing will be 50% or more of your total Year 2000 effort? How do you plan to isolate your test systems from your operational systems? (e.g. separate systems or use of off-site facilities or logical partitions?) Has your company developed test and validation plans... for each converted or replaced application or system component? for contractor-converted, replaced or system components? Is your company planning... Unit Testing Integration Testing System Testing User Testing Acceptance Testing and Operability Testing, including EDI to suppliers, etc. Has your company implemented a Year 2000 test facility? Has your company performed unit, integration, and system tests on each component? Has your company dealt with database and archive conversion? How are converted/replaced systems reintegrated into the production environment? Is your company planning... Regression Testing? Performance Testing? Stress Testing? Forward and Backward Time Testing?

-- James Chancellor (, December 31, 1998


Good questions. Is this a pop quiz?

-- Mike T. (, December 31, 1998.

Sounds like the stuff IBM itself might answer with a boilerplate response or none at all.

Recipe: Take these "after-the-fact" questions...copy/paste this post to file for future legal representation....add a gaggle of Y2K attorneys and their clients... change questions to past tense.

Voila!!!...a soup called "Instant Big Bucks Lawsuit".


-- Charles R. (, December 31, 1998.

Charles R.: How can you be so flippant about such a serious subject?

-- Mike T. (, December 31, 1998.

We started our New Year's party at least 6 hours before you...yup.
Have a very merry new year...yup.

-- Charles R. (, December 31, 1998.

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