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we went today to check out some solar mfgrs and found out that we can get a crystalline solar panel system for about $9 per watt - the system we're looking at is around $7000. the vendor said that we could get a generator but he was told that the way orders were running, after mar the available supply would be sold i'm not really keen on generators as i don't want to store so much fuel (i'm worried about the safety esp. with kids) and we live in nothing but sun. the installation takes about one day but the system must be ordered. there was an option to install a device that will run the electric meter backwards to resell electricity - does anyone have any experience with this type of system

also looked at stoves - we have one wood stove, went to see about pellet stoves but were told that they were really unreliable - anyone have any experience with that?

also one of the stove places were selling gas fireplace inserts as a y2k alternative but in our area the gas/electricity is supplied by one company and it is my understanding that the distribution channels for gas is as unstable as electricity - again suggestions? insights?

thanks s

-- Sharon Schultz (, January 02, 1999


Sharon, Our fireplace insert runs on propane. It has a blower that requires electricity, so we have deep cycle batteries and an inverter. We tested this system, and it works great. (We have an extra inverter, just in case.) We had a 1000 gal. propane tank installed which will last one winter, and we plan to get another. Hope this info many decisions; so little time!

-- Alive in 2001 (, January 02, 1999.

Sharon, I spent over 100 hours investigating solar power before I purchased my system from Atlantic Solar Products. My salesmans name is Paul Coughlin and the phone number is 410-686-2500 ext.16. His e-mail is and fax is 410-686-6621. I purchased a 48 volt system with a Trace 4048 inverter with all the bells and whistles. I only purchased 4 120 watt msx-120 Solarex panels. Also purchased 8 6v Type CH-375 L-16 batterys from Surrette Battery Company, Berlin CT Phone number 860-828-6007. After through investigation I beleive Trace makes the best inverter system. The complete system is assembled from the factory on its own board. All you have to do when it arrives is hang it on the wall and attach wiring to breaker box and from the solar panels. Total cost invested in this system is $7811.00. I plan on ordering 12 more 120 solar panels next week that will cost $7788.00 which includes mounts and wiring. I beleive you wont find a better value on the market. You better hurry as Trace is running a 2 month back log right now. Please tell Paul that you got his name from Mike Kessler...maybe he will discount the solar panels a little more to me. Mike

-- flierdude (, January 03, 1999.

I tried to get ahold of Atlantic for assistance with my project (they are only a hour away from me), and it took them over a month to get back to me. By that time, with the help of the Internet, and several very helpful folks, I'd already ordered most of my system.

Holy crap! $9 a watt? You can get panels for $5 a watt or so, sometimes a little more. Try or

What are you trying to do? Run your whole house on solar, or selected systems? Will you replace your power-sucking AC powered energy pigs, or use what you have? The more details you give, the better.

Don't waste your time selling power back to the utility. You'll get very little for it. Sell it to your neighbors instead! :)

-- Bill (, January 03, 1999.

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