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Will the government make food stamps the only means of food purchase? If we had to trade our money to them for stamps so they can raise cash what will be the premium? Will the use of cash be aginst the law? What kind of tax will it be? Will it happen if not why? What about gas stamps like the ones they printed in 1973 and 1974 that were never used what happened to them?

-- Bubba (, January 03, 1999


OOoohhhhhh, bad thoughts about that one. That's one angle I'd never thought of. I hope Uncle Bubba's minions haven't either. And if they haven't, I kinda wish you'd left that idea off the net lest they find it and decide it's too good to pass up. Here's hoping they don't find it and if they do that it's not put into effect until panic time late next fall.

Very good point, though.

Check six!


-- wildweasel (, January 03, 1999.

They would have started printing them 3 years ago and a program in place for distribution. I suppose we'll see trains rolling through towns and dumping off rice for distribution. If nothing is organized now, nothing will be organized then. That's why it is so important to store up goods now. Do you want to be dependent on the government to feed you? No thank you.

-- bardou (, January 03, 1999.

My husband works retail. Says food stamps are soon to be obsolete. Everyone's gonna get debit cards. Stops the food stamps for drugs routine. Think they can get lots of little plastic cards pretty quickly?

-- margie mason (, January 03, 1999.

Cards are already in use here.

MoVe Immediate

-- MVI (, January 03, 1999.

Margie - yes - but don't bank on the Visa and Mastercard switches to work in 2000 - they will be awol due to imported data problems.

-- Andy (, January 03, 1999.

Never put up a question like that it may give them a plan.

-- Cowboy (, January 06, 1999.

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