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Now please understand exactly what I am asking here before you respond. I am asking about INDUSTRIAL PLCs - not microwave controller chips, not the stuff in your kids toys - I can live without that crap. And I am talking about FAILURE - REFUSAL TO RUN ANY LONGER. SHUTTING DOWN THE SYSTEM TYPE FAILURE. I am not talking about - I am sending bad data to the billing dept. and the bills are screwed (oh woe). Billing is not essential to life. I want to hear about PLCs in current usage (NOT stuff retired years back) that shut things down if they are used during 1/1/00 - and I don't mean stuff that reboots to 1/1/90 if you cut the power - a thirty second fix - I mean stuff that has to be replaced.

Please include the manufacturer name, model #, serial #. The date of acquisition or of manufacture would be nice to have as well. This info will prevent false data from finding its way into my logs.

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Thank you for your trouble

Paul Davis

-- Paul Davis (, January 03, 1999


Paul, I think that you should slightly modify your request to ask for PLCs that either 1) fail (which is what you are currently asking for) or 2) produce erroneous results that are critical (e.g., would cause another component to fail, or something to blow up or whatever).

If you have not already, you should also post this request on more technically oriented forums, such as the Y2K & Electric Utilities (

-- Jack (, January 03, 1999.

A reasonable suggestion Jack, I'll do that. Have posted this several places, and it has gone second and third hand to many more, and have emailed it around quite a bit as well. Even sent it to several 'experts' on power problems. Result so far is some amusing anecdotes about items 'thinking' they are in the early 80's and so forth, monitor screens looking odd - but no failures or PLC's that actually stop as yet.

-- Paul Davis (, January 04, 1999.

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