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-- Lisa (, January 05, 1999


This link is on the abovementioned link, and choke on this:

The Alternative Energy Institute of West Texas A&M University is collecting wind data from across the state and has determined optimal locations for placing wind turbines. According to AEI, harnessing the wind in just these locations would produce five times the electricity currently used by Texas homes and businesses.

FIVE times??????

-- Lisa (, January 05, 1999.

And as global warming augments and magnifies the energy of the hydrological cycle, more storms with associated winds are expected. Of course this also means that wear-and-tear on the mechanisms as well as damage/damage avoidance might diminish the apparent advantages of this process.

Building wind-generating systems is also energy/resource intensive, as are maintenance and upkeep. TANSTAAFL, as Robert Heinlien would say.


"Being right too soon is social unacceptable." --- R. A. Heinlein

-- Hallyx (, January 05, 1999.

Hallyx- YOU like Heinlein?

-- Leo (, January 05, 1999.


1) If you have paid attention, Halyx has indicated a serious enjoyment of RAH.

2) Halyx has a quote machine which probably has 5 or 6gig in 1-5 liners. maybe by 12-31-1999 we'll be gifted with it's location and an access code. c

-- Chuck, night driver (, January 05, 1999.

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