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Saw the last post, have been wondering the same thing.

I have surfed through DOE & our state gov't environmental pages, but nothing about grants or loans for residential systems.

I'll keep looking, and if I find anything, I will let you know. If any of you know of a possible source of funding assistance, please post!

Thanks to all!

-- Debbie (, January 06, 1999


California has a solar power program. I believe they will pay for one half the cost of the system and then require you to sell the extra power back to the state. I don't have the link, but I searched _metacrawler.com_ for photo voltaics and it was one of the things that popped up.

Ps.. This is a solar powered e-mail. We've been off the grid for 25 years.


-- Mary Phillips (, January 06, 1999.

Here's the link:

California Renewable Energy Buy-Down Program

-- Mac (, January 07, 1999.

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