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If you are worried about being able to receive long term bulk food storage at a reasonable price than you need to visit my web site. We have become a distributor for a brand new company that until recently only packaged and sold to restaurants commercially. With Y2K fears looming they decided to sell to the public and that is where I come in. You can view the items and pricing from the web site. My hope is that as many as possible become prepared and are able to do it in a timely fashion at a price they can afford. Thank you, Diane

-- Diane Milliken (, January 07, 1999


Diane, I could not get to your site.

-- Linda A. (, January 07, 1999.

Linda A.;

>>Diane, I could not get to your site. <<

I just acessed it. The link is good except that I got 2 "java script errors"

Good site Diane.


-- sweetolebob (La) (, January 07, 1999.

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