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The second print in the que does not print properly to a 600e The first print completes, waits and starts the next print and stops after printing only +-2cm.

No error or indication that the file is unable to print is recieved by the server. The second print appears in the log to have printed and is transferred to the buffered area.

Maximum length is not a problem. If the prints are all nested the prints are fine. This is consistent and occurs even after reinstallation. I believe there are other users with the same problem.

Is there a solution

Mark Kilbourn The Poster Works

-- Anonymous, January 08, 1999


That is a known issues in 4.2. A patch fix is available on the Onyx FTP Site. Chech the PosterShop Bulletins page from the Onyx Tech Support Menu for more information.

-- Anonymous, January 11, 1999

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