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I'm compiling a list of sources for bulk grains (like wheat, corn, etc.) and am looking for additional sources.

I'm posted what I've found so far at

-- chuck petras (, January 09, 1999


Grear List! I like the reincarnated IBM Selectric whizzing away too....

Bob's Red Mill should be on your list. Their catalog is one of those of which it's true to say, "if we don't have it, you don't need it." At least for beans, grains, cereals and flours of all sorts.

-- Tom Carey (, January 09, 1999.

I just joined a food coop located about 50 miles from my area. I skipped the shipping charges necessary from sources on the web and obtained bult prices. I can buy most anything in bulk now. I bought 5 gal. buckets and 5 gal mylar bags from United States Plastics (they have a website). I purchased O2 absorbers from the nearest Mormon canning kitchen. I obtained dessicant packets from Dessicare (they have a website). I purchased a consumer-quality vacuum packer (Dasey) and put the bulk supplies 1st in the (smaller) vacuum bags, then in the 1 & 5 gal mylar bags with O2 absorbers and dessicant. I would guess that more information about the locations of food coops is available on the web?? I found it to be an alternative to ordering food off the web. You may even get to sample some food ahead of time before purchasing. We were able to purchase some bulk supplies from the Mormons. We found out that some of us do not like the chocolate pudding after we purchased a 40# bag. (by the way, the Mormons told us that most canning kitchens have already or are considering cutting off sales to non-Mormons becuase of the dramatic increase in sales due to Y2K.

-- Sue Conibear (, January 09, 1999.

Chuck, Check out Gary Hansen( in the posts (about 20) above this one. He has a web site that you can visit and get mere info. TJ

-- TJ (, January 10, 1999.

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