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A friend at work wanted me to find out if there are any sources for grains in #10 cans. Anyone know about this?

-- Victoria (, January 09, 1999



We just bought some stuff from Walton Feed and we got some cases of wheat in #10 cans. Their wait is extremely long now!

-- klh (klh@klh.klh), January 09, 1999.

Walton's: Placed my order in late August. Due to deliver February, but they had originally quoted November. Delivery on regular (non- trucked) orders placed now will deliver July-August (of course they could delay like they did with my order which was rather small).

-- Goldi (, January 09, 1999.

Try new 1 gallon paint cans + a oxy absorber. Cheaper and you control the entire process...

-- j (, January 09, 1999.

here yuh go, try these:

-- hayseed (, January 09, 1999.

Dear Victoria, Dream Weaver Connection is now offering a compassionate service in Seneca County Tiffin, Ohio. Classes "Y2K... Crisis or Opportunity", two part class "Build upon the Basics & Back to the Basics". first class we discuss how, what, and prepare for an emergency big or small... the second class discusses food storage. We then place a food order which is very reasonable, and top quality. Then we dry can emergency essentials for 24 hr / 72 hr kits, this includes the food and basic survival essentials for that period. We also help you make a plan and journal for your individual families needs. Our goal is to be prepared for a longer period of time, possibly a year or longer. CONSISTENCY IS THE SECRET!!! Classes are $5.00 per person, which includes valuable coupons and information, along with samples. Use of dry cannery is .50 cents per can to seal. Plus # 10 cans and oxy absorber will be available to purchase. Average cost per can including: sealing process, #10 can, lid, & oxy absorber will be $1.20 / ea. Location is : RIEHM FARM 7244 N. STATE RT. HWY. 53 TIFFIN, OHIO 44883 email:

-- Dream Weaver Connection (, June 27, 1999.

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