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I'm getting bulk wheat soon. The farmer told me that he tried the organic dust(earth?) to keep the bugs out but did not have any luck with it. I have ordered a machine that will vacuum out the air of gallon jars,also 5 gal buckets. What about putting an O2 absorber into each jar/bucket, then vacuuming out the air and sealing. Would that be good enough? Any tips would be appreciated.

-- jeanne (, January 09, 1999


opps, jeanne, the idea of removing oxygen from stored food is that decay (rotting) is a process that needs oxygen. No O2, no rot. The elimination of bugs is secondary.

for bug killing you can use either the diatomatious earth, or you can freeze the food for about 3 days.

for getting rid of the oxygen, use either 02 absorbers,

or you can use dry ice [put a little food in, put some dry ice in, fill with food, and then wait for the dry ice to melt], or

you can nitrogen flush the food before you seal the can/bucket

-- hayseed (, January 09, 1999.

I thought wheat left in it's casing would not go bad unless exposed to water...of course insects are another thing.

-- Bumble Bee (, January 09, 1999.

Having bought in bulk for years, I have to agree. Bugs are by far the bigger problem, especially in warm weather. They come in the grain (corn, etc.) and hatch in warm weather, reproduce, etc. Wheat will hold for years if dry. And if the bugs don't eat it. See older threads under FOOD for more on the subject.

-- Maria (, January 10, 1999.

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