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I am visiting Kevin and his family before Courtney goes back to Texas Tech for semester # 2, and Jo returns to Chicago after a business meeting here in Dallas this weekend.

We returned from a wonderful Christmas in Denver relaxing away for 2 weeks, and then celebrated Hailey's 4th birthday on 1-4-99. I must tell you our highlight in Denver was probably making a snowman, and then watching him "lose weight"

We wish to thank Mike and Arlene for affording us a most wonderful opportunity to gather to see the Roberts Clan on Christmas day. It amazes me how many wonderful people and children have evolved from just 2 people.

The Nett family is great. We are trying to finish small remodeling jobs we began in 1998. We remain in Carrollton, and head out to East Texas as much as possible where we meet up with Doug's parents on Lake 'o The Pines, and try to do some fishing.

We lift everyone up, and look forward to 1999.

Love, The Netts Kathleen, Doug, and Hailey

-- Anonymous, January 10, 1999


Greetings to everyone from the Newlyweds! I just discovered this web page! What a great idea! Chug, thank you for organizing this page! As you can tell, I still need to change over my email address to my "married" name. Don't worry I am not going to be one of those "hyphenated" last names. As you may or may not know, John and I exchanged vows in October. I married a great Irish guy. His family flew over from Ireland for our wedding which was a real treat! I am still writing thank you notes....so if you haven't received yours it is coming! John and I are currently house shopping- a true adventure! I am currently pursuing a Masters in Nursing as of 3 weeks ago. I plan to become an Oncology Nurse Practitioner. The program is 2 years full-time, so I should finish in December 2000. Let us know what you are all up to! Take care, Carrie and John "The Newlyweds"

-- Anonymous, February 04, 1999

Carrie, Belated congratulations and many Chinese apologies - we have your wedding gift, which is now in our dining room almost completely wrapped...

Please send me your address so I can send it out.

Love, Sophia (and Chug) sophialo@yahoo.com also at slo@TheCapitol.Net our new business - http://www.TheCapitol.Net

-- Anonymous, February 15, 1999

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