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I am a student currently in the process of completing my first year of A- Levels in the UK. One of these is psychology which i find really interesting. I would be very grateful if anyone could give me any information regarding sport's psychology as a career, thank's, Jack Castello

-- jack Castello (, January 11, 1999


I am a final year Sport Studies student at one of the best sports universities in England.

I also am interested in sport psychology with this being a main theme running through my degree. Being lectured by several worldly taught lecturers' I am constantly insighted by their understanding and motivation in Sport Psychology, especially Applied Sports Psyc.

The most appropriate way to get in to Sport Psychology is to successfully complete your A levels and apply to UCAS for a Sport Psychology Degree at one of England's universities. From there, if you are still interested you will probably need to continue to do a Masters and PhD ( which is another 3 years at least ). Along the way you will no dought come in contact with many useful sources to assist your understanding of the subject. That's the closest advice I can give to you.

-- Tony Bennett (, February 24, 1999.

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