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Does anybody have insider info on problems with euro conversion? I feel that if the it industry of europe has handled this without the usual delays and glitches associated with big projects, then.... The outlook for Y2k should be somewhat brighter.

I'm guessing they have had problems that are not being publicized. But significant problems can't be hidden forever. What have you heard?

-- Jamie Davis (, January 11, 1999


copy of CSY2K post ..

The introduction of the Euro seems to have gone better than expected or feared. Great. This is a genuine encouragement with respect to Y2K, whether one is a pollyanna or a doombrooder.


It is way too soon to tell how many euro junk bugs are wiggling around under the covers. It is axiomatic that there are zillions of them given the scale of the project, even if (let's give the benefit of the doubt, though there is no historical basis for doing this) heroic work was done.

Point being that euro fixing was always in the cards and still is. Capers Jones isn't a prophet but a statistical researcher. OK, so we won't know for several years what the percentages are. Big deal.

The real problem with the Euro has always been its lousy technical timing. Of course, it stripped desperately needed resources from Y2K in 1998 and, rest assured, it will do exactly the same throughout 1999. When IT is given a choice between fixing bugs in a politically-driven and politically-critical introduction system (the euro) or chasing Y2K, the euro will win every time.

Until 2000.

-- BigDog (, January 11, 1999.

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